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Author Document Language Published
Weber, M. New Attacks Against Arthur Butz for Revisionist Web Site English 1997-07-01
CODOH Mirror Site Removed at U Mass. English 1996-02-02
Smith, B. God Bless the Hillel Rabbis English 2000-01-03
Smith, B. Los Angeles: Censorship by Intimidation and Arson, Local Press Afraid To Speak Out English 1984-10-01
Smith, B. Smith's Report no. 9, February/March 1992 English 1992-03-01
Smith, B. Smith's Report no. 10, July 1992 English 1992-07-01
O'Keefe, T. Brad Smith’s Campus Project Ad Printed after Furious Clash at University of Texas, Austin Cable Television to Broadcast Cole Auschwitz Video English 1993-05-01
Grubach, P. George Bush and the Iran Holocaust Revisionist, An Open Letter to the President of the United States English 2006-12-12
Bellinger, J. Fred Leuchter's "Indiscretion" English 2013-12-01
Smith, B. The Campus Thought Police English 2000-01-01
Smith, B. "German Quarterly" Betrays American Ideal of a Free Press English 1984-10-01
Weber, M. Revisionist Activism English 1993-07-01
Kennedy, T. Senator Kennedy's statement on the conference report on Internet censorship English 1995-12-19
Widmann, R. "Not Guilty at Nuremberg". Post censored from soc.history.war.world-war-ii. English 1995-12-15
Sobran, J. Perspectives on the Past and Present English 1995-12-01
Curtiss, R. Suppressing the Story of Genocide Against Germans, Author Details Postwar Jewish Crimes English 1997-09-01
Rimland, I. Censorship in East and West, The Zündel Ad Campaign English 2003-11-01
Nordbruch, C. Pyrrhic Victory over Revisionism, The International Revisionist Conference in Sacramento was not permitted to take place English 2004-08-01
Weber, M. State Department Acknowledges Pressure on Lebanon to Cancel Revisionist Meeting English 2002-06-01
Austin American-Statesman, 18. Dec. 1997 Museum director upset by ad disputing Holocaust, Holocaust museum rejects Rice newspaper's donation of advertising fee English 1997-12-18
Weber, M. The Organization of American Historians: Faithfully Reflecting Academic Standards English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. Anti-Defamation League Suffers Major Legal Defeat, Colorado Jury Orders Jewish Group to Pay $10.5 Million for Defamatory Statements English 2000-08-01
Weber, M. Revisionist Global Computer Outreach, IHR 'Cyberspace' Connection Reaches Millions Worldwide, Generates Widespread Attention, Provokes Bigoted Rage English 1995-07-01
Faurisson, R. Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Butz, A. Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Verrall, R. Letters To The 'New Statesman', (which were never published) English 1980-08-01
Smith, B. Media Madness, Introduction English 1997-01-03
Sack, J. Behind "An Eye for An Eye", Revenge, Hate and History English 2001-05-01
Holaday, K. Bradley Smith convicted of selling an obscene book English 1962-10-24
Brewer, G. Open Letter to the Editor, St. Cloud Student Newspaper English 2000-04-03
Smith, B. Smith's Campus Brief: Catholic University & University of Chicago, November/December 1996 English 1996-01-12
Thomas, D. AOL Keeps Pornography on the Net Under Control! English 1998-01-01
Potemkin, O. Censoring Irving Would Make the Nazis Proud English 1996-01-05
Smith, B. Outlaw History #39, Bill O'Reilly Has It Wrong About Ward Churchill English 2005-02-10
Martin, J. Other Days, Other Ways: American book censorship 1918-1945 English 1990-07-01
Institute For Historical Review An uncensored Letter to America's readers, On the hypocracy of the U.S. print media English 1990-07-01
U.S. Congress Telecommunications Act of 1996 English 1996-01-03
Widmann, R. Totalitarian Liberalism, Editorial English 2009-10-01
Weber, M. Book Detailing Jewish Crimes Against Germans Banned, Thousands of Copies of Revisionist Work Destroyed English 1995-01-01
Carroll, R. Hollywood Conservative Unmasked as Notorious Holocaust Revisionist, Republican Party Animals operator David Stein says he is really David Cole, and that he still holds controversial views English 2013-05-03

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