Issue: No. 5+6

The Journal of Historical Review - cover

Volume Eighteen ∙ Number Five & Six ∙ September/December 1999

Between 1980 and 2002, The Journal of Historical Review was published by the Institute for Historical Review. It used to be the publishing flagship of the revisionist community, but it ceased to exist in 2002 for a number of reasons, mismanagement and lack of dedication being some of them. CODOH mirrors the old papers that were published in that journal.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Weber, M. No Punishment for Polish ‘Holocaust Denier’ English 2000-03-01
Schlafly, P. The Truth Leaks Out About Kosovo English 1999-12-01
Stoddard, L. The National Socialist Party in Third Reich Germany, Himmler Talks with an American Journalist English 1940-01-01
Raven, G. Flawed Documentary of Execution Expert, Movie Review English 2000-03-01
Grubach, P. Letters English 2000-03-01
et al. Letters English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. Opportunity and Challenge in a New Era English 2000-03-01
Garaudy, R. The Myth of a ‘Land Without People for a People Without Land’ English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. Fraud Exposed in Defamatory German Exhibition, Photo Exhibit of German Army Atrocities Shut Down English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. How the Simon Wiesenthal Center Falsifies History, Photographic Fraud by a Major Holocaust Organization English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. Leading Revisionist Historians and Activists to Meet in Southern California, Thirteenth IHR Conference Set for May English 2000-03-01
Faurisson, R. The ‘Gas Chamber’ of Auschwitz I English 2000-03-01
Irving, D. A British Historian Defends His Livelihood and Honor, Opening Statement in the London Libel Trial English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. British Wartime Propaganda Lies English 2000-03-01
Giraldi, P. Holocaust as Political Industry English 1999-10-01
Taylor, J. Holocaust as Political Industry English 1999-10-01
Weber, M. Historical Myth Justifies Golan Heights Occupation English 2000-03-01
Weber, M. IHR Internet Web Site Offers Worldwide Access to Revisionism, Visit English 2000-03-01
Sobran, J. Perspectives on the Past and Present English 1995-12-01