Prima Facie

An Indispensable Newsletter for the Press and Media

Between October 1984 and ??? 198?, Prima Facie, edited by Bradley Smith, informed the press and media about the censorship, suppression of free inquiry, the taboos, quackery, cultism, disinformation and pathology commonly used to promote belief in the Holocaust and the "genocide" of the "six million" on the one hand, and that used to stifle critical examination of the evidence used to support those tales on the other. Information concerning such suppression and press censorship was solicited. Prima Facie ventured to assist writers, however possible, to research stories of mutual interest. Correspondence was encouraged. Prima Facie was published monthly. Subscriptions were $24 for 12 issues. Single copies were $3. Address all correspondence and literature to: Prima Facie, [address information outdated and obsolete; ed.].

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