Issue: No. 12 (Nov./Dec.)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 12 ∙ ∙ November/December 1992

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This report informs you of what I am doing personally to promote open debate on the Holocaust story. It does not attempt to monitor the Revisionist movement. Smith's Report is published six times a year and is sent free to those of you who help me with contributions, clippings or in other ways. It isn't possible for me to do this work effectively without your help.

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  • Director of Research at Auschwitz State Museum Admits on Camera that Auschwitz "Gas Chamber" is a Fraud!
  • What I Believe... What I Don't
  • "Survivors" Vs. David Irving
  • The Hemingway Western Studies Center
  • Elie Wiesel and his Geysers-of-Blood Dementia
  • ADL Censorship University of Texas
  • and more!

and now... our lead story!

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I understand perfectly well that the Hitlerian regime was anti-Semitic and that it persecuted Jews and others. I understand that many peoples experienced unfathomable catastrophes in Europe during World War II. The catastrophe of the Jews was one among them. Nevertheless. I no longer believe that there was a plan …

Shelly Shapiro is the harridan who directs the Holocaust Survivors & Friends Education Center in Albany, New York. She's led the attack against Boston gas-chamber expert Fred Leuchter, author of The Leuchter Report. Shapiro has worked to destroy Leuchter's livelihood and has tried to get him jailed, ostensibly for practicing …

The HWSC & Boise State University Student Union has included my little book, Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist: Excerpts from the Second (Enlarged) Edition, in an exhibition of small magazines in the Student Union Art Gallery. The show will run through 15 November. The exhibition, organized by Assistant Professor of …

In my book Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, Part I, I noted that Elie Wiesel claims "there is eyewitness evidence" that, when the Germans executed some Soviet citizens at Babi Yar in Ukraine, the cadavers of those that were Jews, in a unique protest against their ill-treatment, "spurted geysers of …

Those of you who have followed the Campus Project will recall the struggle that took place at U. Texas at Austin earlier this year. There was an incredibly neurotic scandal over the acceptance of my full page ad on "The Holocaust Controversy" and later over a second ad, sponsored by …

For the first time, an issue of Smith's Report will go to some 500 newspaper and periodical editors around the country, about half of them to college newspapers. From this mailing on I will stay in regular contact with the print press with SR and other materials. This mailing will …