Issue: No. 29 (Dec.)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 29 ∙ ∙December 1995

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

This report informs you of what I am doing personally to promote open debate on the Holocaust story. It does not attempt to monitor the Revisionist movement. Smith's Report is published six times a year and is sent free to those of you who help me with contributions, clippings or in other ways. It isn't possible for me to do this work effectively without your help.

I welcome correspondence but can not reply to it unless it urgently addresses business to hand. If you do not want your name mentioned herein please say so in writing. Your generosity is the cornerstone of whatever success I will have in helping to open up the Holocaust story to free inquiry and open debate.


  • Here we are...
  • The CODOH World-Wide Web Site Logging onto more than 1,500 times in first six weeks
  • and more!

and now... our lead story!

Friend: Here we are in the middle of another holiday season. I have lots of good news about the Campus Internet Project, but there's something on my mind I want to clear. That's one thing holidays are for, to get your mind off what it's regularly on and on to …

But who’s counting? Me. On Saturday morning, 28 October, I checked to see if we had the “counter” on my Homepage. Three individuals had logged onto the site up to that hour. I was there at the very beginning. The next morning the count had gone to 12. Some of …