Issue: No. 32 (May)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 32 ∙ ∙ May 1996

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This report informs you of what I am doing personally to promote open debate on the Holocaust story. It does not attempt to monitor the Revisionist movement. Smith's Report is published six times a year and is sent free to those of you who help me with contributions, clippings or in other ways. It isn't possible for me to do this work effectively without your help.

I welcome correspondence but can not reply to it unless it urgently addresses business to hand. If you do not want your name mentioned herein please say so in writing. Your generosity is the cornerstone of whatever success I will have in helping to open up the Holocaust story to free inquiry and open debate.


  • CODOH infroms media of revisionist subtext in new anti-German polemic
  • This is what I believe...
  • CODOH leads in fight for US publication of Goebbels
  • Shameless Hollywood handlers exploit failing old ladies – and other atrocious scenes
  • French communist intellectual prosecuted because of revisionist writings
  • Burn all the Books!
  • CODOH undermines French exterminationist book burners
  • Revisionist video on Auschwitz continues to infiltrate government, libraries and the academy
  • And the pot keeps boiling, boiling.
  • The Spiegelmaus World
  • and more!

and now... our lead story!

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As promised in last month's SR, in response to the suppression of publication of David Irving's Goebbels: Mastermind of the Third Reich, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust mounted a campaign to notify publishers and editors of the accessibility of the book's actual content and Irving's introduction to the …

"Former communist Roger Garaudy converts to revisionism" [L'ancien communiste Roger Garaudy se convertit au révisonnisme]. Such was the headline bannering Christiane Chombeau's January 31st article in Le Monde last winter, one rich in meaning for those who had followed Roger Garaudy's meandering career as a French intellectual since the late …

The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer wrote in his 1851 volume, Parerga and Parlipomena, of Omar's [c. 581 – 644. Second of the Mohammedan caliphs] burning of the library at Alexandria as follows: Religions are the children of ignorance, and they do not long survive their mother. Omar understood that when …

Doing our best to combat modern-day Omars, CODOH has published two complete books by censored French revisionist writers on our Website. Les mythes fondateurs de la politique israélienne by Roger Garaudy: is posted complete at CODOH International. Garaudy has argued that Hitler's killing of Jews amounted to “pogroms” or “massacres”, …

Northwestern University. The Daily Northwestern reports (12 April) that “Holocaust educator” Scott Fishweicher spoke to a “small group” (NU’s Students Helping to Organize Awareness of the Holocaust [SHAH]) to lament the “widespread outcry” caused by ads placed by “Noted revisionist Bradly [sic] Smith....” “Fishweicher showed a ’48 Hours’ video illustrating …

This is what I believe with regard to the gas chamber controversy, what I don’t believe, and why. I understand perfectly well that the Hitlerian regime was antisemitic and persecuted Jews and others. I understand that many peoples, European Jews among them, experienced unfathomable tragedies at the hands of the …

(Please remit about ten cents per page – plus the most generous contribution you can make over that amount.) David Irving. Introduction to Goebbels, Mastermind of the Third Reich. 7pp. This is the intro to the book suppressed by St. Martin’s under pressure from various Jewish lobbies. Andrew Allen. Aerial …