Issue: No. 34 (July)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 34 ∙ ∙ July 1996

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

This report informs you of what I am doing personally to promote open debate on the Holocaust story. It does not attempt to monitor the Revisionist movement. Smith's Report is published six times a year and is sent free to those of you who help me with contributions, clippings or in other ways. It isn't possible for me to do this work effectively without your help.

I welcome correspondence but can not reply to it unless it urgently addresses business to hand. If you do not want your name mentioned herein please say so in writing. Your generosity is the cornerstone of whatever success I will have in helping to open up the Holocaust story to free inquiry and open debate.


  • Smith's On-Line Review coming in September
  • German court orders book burned
  • Congresswoman protests blurb used in distribution of "Video of the Century"
  • Zuendel, Christie spook the spooks: Star Chamber hearings in Ottawa postponed
  • Media project to question how the Holocaust story is exploited
  • A Controversy with legs: Goebbels available from IHR
  • Jewish comics yes! Farcical holocaust tragedians no!
  • The home front
  • and more!

and now... our lead story!

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CODOH is proud to announce that Smith's On-Line Review, a periodical devoted to the impact and the implications of Holocaust cultism, will begin publication on the Bradley R. Smith/CODOH Web site beginning in mid-September. Smith's On-Line Review (SOR), which will appear quarterly, is the first revisionist magazine in the world …

Gerald Footlick, a retired senior editor of Newsweek magazine, was here at the house on a recent Saturday afternoon to interview me for a book he is working on for the American Council on Education. The book is to look at a number of hot issues that have plagued college …

Yes, you read the headline right: the present tense for "orders" is correct; the book is to be "burned" as well as banned; and so far as we can tell, no more than a hundred Germans protested publicly. The book is Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte: Ein Handbuch ueber strittige Fragen des …

On June 11 the Canadian government's Security Intelligence Review Committee announced it was postponing indefinitely hearings on whether Ernst Zuendel represented a danger to the Canadian state. This followed by one day a brilliant argument by Zuendel's superb attorney, Doug Christie (ably assisted by Barbara Kulaszka) in an "apprehension of …

As some of you may recall, I dreamed up the Media Project in January 1986. My attention had been caught by the fact that while a little revisionist literature was being distributed with some success, revisionists themselves were hard to find. There was something of a common understanding in those …

Doubtless you've seen the stories: the French Olympic "synchronized swimming" team in Atlanta, goose-stepping poolside to themes from Schindler's List, then diving in for their arrival at the death camps, the selection by Dr. Mengele and company, and the last march to the showers (or was it the bath tubs?). …

Sixty-six years old and never been kissed. Summer is here and the nectarine tree, the peach tree, the orange tree, the apple tree and the two little plum trees are all scarggly messes but they’re all producing wildly too and their fruit is good. Magaly is home from San Diego …