Issue: No. 191 (May)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 191 ∙ ∙ May 2012

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • The Student Press Illustrates Once Again the Depth of the Holocaust Taboo in the American University. By Bradley Smith
  • If Germany Declared Peace. By Nicholas Kollerstrom
  • Sensation in France: Professor Faurisson Forces the CRIF (Jewish Lobby) into a Humiliating Retreat. By Guillaume Fabien
  • The Murder of History and the Belfer Foundation for Holocaust Education. By Jett Rucker

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The Student Press Illustrates Once Again The Depth of the Holocaust Taboo In the American University Bradley Smith The Belfer First Step Workshop on the Holocaust is a program created by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to prepare pre-service secondary teachers to integrate the Holocaust into their lesson plans …

Germany has been, since World War II, an occupied nation. No peace treaty has ever been signed, occupying armies still remain there—and Germany continues to function under a foreign constitution, prepared by the victors of WW2.[1] It owns a massive amount of gold, three and a half thousand tons …

Three or four CODOH coconspirators are visiting college libraries offering a free copy of Bradley's Break His Bones to be catalogued and shelved. When, and if, such an event takes place, we would have an opportunity to make the public aware of the dedication to free speech at that college …

*** Each afternoon a few minutes before 5pm my wife and I drive downtown to our mail drop hoping to find, among other interesting material, substantial contributions to help with the work. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes not. I need to average about $100 a day, or $3,000 a month, just …