Issue: No. 192 (July)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 192 ∙ ∙ July 2012

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • Berlin Diary: A Global Lawfare Conspiracy. By Jett Rucker
  • Fragments: Another Ordinary Life. By Bradley R. Smith
  • The Crime of Politicizing the Holocaust: Two Decades of Reflection on OSI terror. By Heinz Bartesch
  • Canada tosses out Section 13 — Internet 'Hate Speech' law. By Michael Hoffman
  • Holocaust Denial: Assaults on Collective Memory Becloud Europe's Future. By Rabbi Abraham Cooper
  • The Suffering of Second, Third, and Fourth Generation Survivors of a Horrifying Death. By Shafar Nullifidian

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