Issue: No. 194 (Nov.)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 194 ∙ ∙ November 2012

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • Keeping Memory Alive for the Holocaust-Obsessed. By Bradley Smith
  • Denying Obsession, Obsessing about Denial. By Jett Rucker
  • The Negro Soldier. From the CODOH Forum
  • Deborah Lipstadt and the Double Standards that Surround Questioning the "Holocaust." By Paul Grubach
  • “UNTERDRUCKVENTIL”. By Siegfried Verbeke
  • In Spite of the Repression, Revisionism Will Win. By Robert Faurisson
  • News & Comments:
    • Memorial to Romany Victims of Holocaust.
    • Jane Fonda to Host Event Focusing on Sexual Violence During the Holocaust.
    • Another Holocaust Claims Conference Schemer Convicted
    • Smith Alerts Director of Genocide Studies at U Minnesota–Twin Cities to the Problem of Fraud in Survivor Testimony.
    • Zan Overall Following Up at Cal State Northridge
    • Shafar Nullifidian: Poland, Emerson College, Stephen Spielberg’s Esoteric Message.

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One piece of official US war propaganda is a wartime film (1945) entitled: The Negro Soldier. ( It was one of Frank Capra's "masterpieces." Although Capra was not Jewish (which he regretted later in life as he explained as a reason for his not being much more successful …

That’s me. Holocaust-obsessed. I’ve been “following” (as one might a series of Tweets) the Holocaust since long before it even had its brand name. I’ve always had a slightly excessive interest in it, because I am of German descent and I have always lived among (classmates, friends, and, yes, even …

While I was visiting the revisionist activist, researcher and publisher Vincent Reynouard in France, I used the opportunity to visit Utah and Omaha Beach, especially the German “Batterie de Crisbecq/Marcouf.” Even 5 days after the landing of the Americans in 1944, the battery was still operational, causing the Americans a …

Memorial to Romany Victims of Holocaust New York Times 24 October 2012 BERLIN — [Edited] Germany paid tribute on Wednesday to the hundreds of thousands of Romany people killed in the Holocaust, opening a long-awaited place of remembrance for a minority still plagued by discrimination. Addressing a crowd that included …

This past July 25, in Paris, a judge notified me of three criminal proceedings brought against me, essentially for having taken part in the international conference in Tehran on “the Holocaust.” I shall remind the reader that at that conference, held on December 11th and 12th, 2006, all participants without …