Issue: No. 195 (Feb.)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 195 ∙ ∙ February 2013

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  • The CODOH Library, Castle Hill Publishers, Inconvenient History, the CODOH Forum, Facebook, and Amazon Kindle. By Bradley Smith
    (also including: Oprah and Elie: One's a fool, and one's a fraud. Do you wonder which might be which?)
  • Updates and Current Events:
    • Stolz Speaks Truth to Power (Again), Updates and Current Events
    • Günter Deckert Pens a Temporary Farewell, Updates and Current Events
    • Serge Klarsfeld: At Auschwitz 1,000 Jews Deported from France Were Gassed ... in Bed! By Robert Faurisson
    • Bishop Richard Williamson Fined for Holocaust Denial in Germany. By Bradley Smith
  • Let’s Put a Human Face in the Global War for Truth in History. By Dr. Ingrid Rimland
  • FRAGMENTS: Another Ordinary Life. By Bradley Smith

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***  Now that my Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist is on the Amazon Kindle program, I will want to publicize the fact that it’s there. The first move would be to announce it to our online subscriber base. What text should I use? The easiest thing would be to send …

Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson, 72, was convicted of “incitement” after an interview he gave to the Swedish television program Uppdrag granskning in 2008 was broadcast on a German TV station. Holocaust denial is illegal in Germany. Williamson was appealing an earlier conviction in 2010. At that time it was reported …

Herewith I announce that I have set myself the worthy goal of shedding light on who we really are and what we really say. I’ll try to do this weekly. Who’s “we,” you ask? We, whom our numerous detractors like to call all kinds of nasty names—among them, “Holocaust Deniers.” …

Friends, Comrades and Fighters for the TRUTH in WW II History, The time has come! I must soon enter prison to serve my 5-month sentence although my constitutional objection has not yet been decided. - I am supposed to report for jail on January 2nd, 2013. The release date will …

Sylvia Stolz No sooner did Sylvia Stolz’s five-year disbarment from the legal profession expire, than she again challenged the Holocaust taboo that had already put her in jail for over three years. In Chur, Switzerland, not fifty miles from where William Tell thumbed his nose at Gessler’s hat, Stolz gave …