Issue: No. 195 (Feb.)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 195 ∙ ∙ February 2013

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  • The CODOH Library, Castle Hill Publishers, Inconvenient History, the CODOH Forum, Facebook, and Amazon Kindle. By Bradley Smith
    (also including: Oprah and Elie: One's a fool, and one's a fraud. Do you wonder which might be which?)
  • Updates and Current Events:
    • Stolz Speaks Truth to Power (Again), Updates and Current Events
    • Günter Deckert Pens a Temporary Farewell, Updates and Current Events
    • Serge Klarsfeld: At Auschwitz 1,000 Jews Deported from France Were Gassed ... in Bed! By Robert Faurisson
    • Bishop Richard Williamson Fined for Holocaust Denial in Germany. By Bradley Smith
  • Let’s Put a Human Face in the Global War for Truth in History. By Dr. Ingrid Rimland
  • FRAGMENTS: Another Ordinary Life. By Bradley Smith

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