Issue: No. 197 (July)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 197 ∙ ∙ July 2013

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • Apologize My Ass. By David Stein Cole
  • Recent News and Developments. By Jonas E. Alexis
  • “What Soldiers Do,” with Comment by Robert Faurisson
  • The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel. By Jett Rucker
  • How I Became a Revisionist. By Siegfried Verbeke
  • FRAGMENTS: Another Ordinary Life. By Bradley Smith

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(Note: this article was published on Stein’s Website . It’s the first time he has written about this affair. His blog posts and videos have been featured on Fox News, The Rush Limbaugh Show, O’,, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times,, Human Events, Ace of Spades HQ, …

Jonas E. Alexis at Veterans Today The publication of Jonas E. Alexis’s columns in Veterans Today represents a powerful movement of recognition for Holocaust revisionist ideas on the Internet. There is no professor at any university in America who would dare to express himself with the frank, honest audacity of …

Many revisionists have a strange or unusual background, one which would never have predicted that they would join with such a group of “masochists.” My story is of the same kind. My parents were born and lived in Antwerp, in the center of the Jewish neighborhood, together with some ten …

*** I’m hearing a lot of talk about how American veterans are committing suicide while on duty and after they are back in civilian life. But the military says that its suicide rate remains lower than that of America's civilian population. The AP cites the Pentagon as saying "the civilian …

My father, who was from Brooklyn, once told me of an accident he saw between a city bus and a garbage truck. He noticed that there were only four or five people on the bus, which was only slightly damaged, but one of the passengers began writhing in pain, wailing …