Issue: No. 220 (March)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 220 ∙ ∙ March 2016

CODOH's Revisionist News & Comments

  • Bradley Reed Smith – Our Hero, by Germar Rudolf
  • Remembering Bradley R. Smith, by Richard Widmann
  • Remembering Bradley, by Ernst Zündel
  • Farewell to an Optimist, by David Cole
  • A Life That Made a Difference, by Arthur R. Butz
  • Bradley Smith, by Robert Faurisson
  • Remembering Bradley Smith, by Mark Weber
  • Losing a Wise Friend, by Germar Rudolf
  • Libertarian Free Spirit Was Masterful Revisionist Writer and Activist, by Michael Hoffman
  • Bradley in Baja, by Roberto Hernandez
  • Bradley Smith, RIP, by Chip Smith
  • Bradley Smith: In Memoriam, by Samuel Crowell
  • My Memory of Bradley Smith, by Michael Santomauro
  • Revisionist Bradley R. Smith Has Passed Away, by Kyle Hunt
  • We Love You, Bradley! Community Voices
  • 3D Imagery Demonstrates the Auschwitz Hole Hoax, by Eric Hunt
  • Refusing to Look through Galileo’s Telescope, by Ken Meyercord
  • ADL: BoB’s Rap “Flatline” Promotes “Holocaust Denial”, by Hadding Scott
  • Ted Nugent, Gun Control, Jews and Nazis, by Hadding Scott
  • French Revisionist Comedian Banned from China, by David Merlin
  • Georgetown University Gets $10 Million for Holocaust Study Center, by Roberto Hernandez
  • Israel to Form Coalition for World Internet Censorship, by Roberto Hernandez
  • The Vermont Cynic: Bradley Smith’s Last Campus Project, by Roberto Hernandez
  • Architectural Considerations Not Anti-Semitic, by David Merlin
  • Activities, by Santiago Alvarez

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I have several good friends who work in upper management at various TV networks. It’s easy to mock and deride network execs, because most TV shows are straight-out lousy. But I’ve always found a certain nobility in the profession, because every year, like clockwork, these poor bastards have to announce …
Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr., better known by his stage name B.o.B, is an American recording artist and music producer from Decatur, Georgia. On 26 January 2016, chart-topping Black rapper B.o.B. (real name Bobby Ray Simmons Jr.), who has had three top-ten hit recordings, caused serious worry to the Anti-Defamation League …

I am writing in response to Executive Director Nossel's recent letter regarding the release of reporter Jason Rezaian and poets Fatemeh Ekhtesari and Medhi Mousavi. Thank you for the good new! While escapes from theocratic regimes make good press and fund raising material, I am writing regarding a more pernicious threat to Freedom of Expression.

On Thursday evening, 18 February 2016, I glanced at my email on my phone. The subject of a newly received message struck me like a lightning bolt. “Bradley RIP” was all it said. It wasn’t that it was entirely unexpected. Bradley had been ill for many years, fighting off heart …

I met Bradley the first time in September 1999 during David Irving’s Real History Conference in Cincinnati, where we both presented papers to Irving’s audience. I did not interact much with him during that conference. That changed, however, after I had to leave England in a hurry just two months …

The famous revisionist Bradley R. Smith, who had been at this struggle for truth for over 35 years, is no longer with us. Germar Rudolf reports: "A short while ago we were informed that Bradley R. Smith passed away on this Thursday, February 18, 2016. We volunteers at CODOH mourn …

There is a lot I can say about Bradley… and I can start with how I knew about him for years before I ever met him. About 20 years ago, a group of friends and I put together a weekly publication that later came to be one of the main …

My old friend Bradley has left us. During his lifetime I could not hide my strong liking for him. I admired him but, out of discretion, I dared not show or say it to him very much. Now that he is no longer of this world I can go ahead …

Word has come that Bradley Smith, whom we all know, has died after a very long struggle with cancer. I have been asked to write a few words as part of a Memorial Collection. I remember Bradley winging his way from California to Toronto to put in an appearance as …

The first time I ever heard of Bradley Smith was about 30 years ago when he appeared on a radio talk show talking about how the history of the atrocities laid at the feet of the Nazis, and that includes the Holocaust, was probably inaccurate and historians and other intellectuals …

Bradley Smith’s life was a varied and colorful one. But he is best remembered for his courageous, steadfast battle of more than 30 years to promote public awareness of the Holocaust issue. In spite of privation, relentless smears and many setbacks, he persisted in this daunting struggle with exemplary dedication, …

Bradley Smith will always be remembered as a man of integrity, worthy of the highest form of love—TRUST.  I would spend 1-3 hours of intense phone conversations with him; the last time I spoke to him was last month in January, and I wanted to wish him an early happy …

There’s no chance I’ll get this right. To begin with, I keep getting stuck on the thought of Barney Rosset reading Henry Miller for the first time. That’s a bad start. I know just how it sounds. Next, I think of such times when I’ve been asked about my favorite …

I am responding as a member of CODOH to an article regarding Bradley Smith, the Krema I building at Auschwitz, and accusations of anti-Semitism (

Mr. Smith failed to respond because he died on February 18. Our e-mail was not directed at Jewish students, but rather at anyone with a critical mind. It did neither claim “that an Auschwitz crematorium was a ‘hoax’” nor that “a particular crematorium at Auschwitz was created post-war.”

I would like to address the statement attributed to Stevens and Vogel:

“We want to be clear that a communication such as this that perpetuates anti-Semitism by falsely proclaiming inaccurate historical events has no place at the University of Vermont.”

Stevens and Vogel seem ignorant about Krema I at Auschwitz, the focus of our “communication” ( In 1941, Krema I is said to have been reconfigured to contain a gas chamber during a time when exclusively Russian PoWs were allegedly gassed (see, p. 30; see also, but no Jews. How then can a discussion of this gas chamber’s origin be anti-Semitic?

Stevens and Vogel claim that we “proclaim inaccurate historical events.” The article we sent around discussed alterations made to Krema I after the end of the war. These alterations are admitted by all mainstream scholars, e.g.:

  • Franciszek Piper, former curator of the Auschwitz Museum’s Archives:
  • French Auschwitz researcher Jean-Claude Pressac, in a work published in cooperation with the Auschwitz Museum, lamented that the post-war changes were undocumented and are deeply flawed:;

However, until not too long ago, Auschwitz tour guides told tourists that the building was in its original state ( Only in recent years did the Museum put up signs admitting those alterations (;

It is therefore an incontrovertible fact that what we see there today is not what the Soviets found in 1945.

I am not sure what Stevens and Vogel claim is the "correct history" of Krema I, but its history has already been subject to extensive revision by the Auschwitz Museum itself. Discussing these revisions has nothing to do with anyone’s attitude toward Jews.

Stevens and Vogel owe Mr. Smith an apology.

Oh dear, a good person Mr. Smith seemed. His legacy will be that of a principal instigator to the total destruction of the despicable Industry lies. Today, as I write this, the fruits of his endeavours are clear to be seen. The types who feed off these black lies are …