Issue: No. 198 (August)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 198 ∙ ∙ August 2013

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • Open Letters to the President of Georgetown University and the Senior Advisor on Archives at the USHMM. By Bradley Smith
  • How I Became a Revisionist. By Pete Morrison
  • The Trayvon-Zimmerman Circus: “Racists” Have Rights. By David Stein (Cole)
  • Tweeting and Blogging. By Bradley Smith
  • New Film tries to wash away the myth that Germans made soap out of Jews. Why? By Bradley Smith
  • Reflections on the Life of John Bennett of Melbourne, Civil Libertarian and Culture Hero. By Nigel Jackson

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Originally posted at Republican Party Animals on 17 July by David Stein. I believe the message here is applicable to Holocaust Revisionists as it is to all citizens. Revisionists deserve the same civil rights and “human rights” as do all others in America, even “racists.” It’s fairly clear that …

*** As I reported here last month, I have begun “tweeting.” Posting brief messages online that with a single click are sent to those who I have convinced to sign up for them. Each tweet is a very brief text with a link to a relevant story that I want …

This is an initial exchange with a man who only recently contacted CODOH. Peter: Your contribution arrived here yesterday. It's a generous donation and very much appreciated\. Sometimes, when I do not know the person well (or, as in our case, not at all) and he or she makes an …