Issue: No. 199 (October)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 199 ∙ ∙ October 2013

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • Share a Bench with the Saint of Slaughter. By Jett Rucker
  • Holocaust Education Trust Ireland (HETI). By David Merlin
  • Two Sides of Dershowitz's Mouth. By Jett Rucker
  • A Follow-Up to Our Original Letter to Peter Black at the USHMM. By David Merlin
  • Swiss Court Sentences Frank Brunner to Jail for Revisionist Thought Crimes. By Frank Brunner
  • Hikind Demands Credit Card Companies Pull Support from Hate Groups. By Mark Hirshberg
  • A Message to the Spartans of the Spirit. By Ingrid Rimland Zündel
  • Smith Puts a Question to Mr. Abraham Foxman. By Bradley Smith
  • Tell Me Again, Who Made the Desert Bloom? By Lawrence of Cyberia
  • German Side of World War II Revealed. From The Australian
  • The Last Word/s. By Bradley Smith

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