Issue: No. 200 (November)


On the Holocaust Controversy

No. 200 ∙ ∙ November 2013

Serving the Revisionist Community since 1990

  • The Holocaust in Holograms. By Jett Rucker
  • Smith Addresses the Editor of the Daily Aztec and his Academic Supervisors. By Bradley Smith
  • ‘Hitler in Love’ – the Poetry and Art of Der Fuehrer. With comments by Bradley Smith
  • Hate, Hikind, and History. By Richard A. Widmann
  • SSPX Burial of Nazi War Criminal Erich Priebke Met with Protestors. By Cindy Wooden, with comments by Michael Hoffman
  • A Track Record Recalled by a Couple Friends. By David Merlin and Greg Raven

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Following is a Story that happened more than a year ago from the English-language edition of the Polish newspaper The Szczecinianin ( I should have heard of this, but I didn’t. Hitler in Love! As a young man. Wounded in battle, he is hospitalized and falls in love with one …

This summer, Democratic Assemblyman from Brooklyn, New York Dov Hikind launched a misguided assault against Inconvenient History and several other publishers who carry among other things Holocaust revisionist articles and commentary. Hikind is attempting to financially hamstring several organizations by arranging a vendor boycott of sorts in which major credit card …

A minor flurry of news items has attended the announcement that certain purported veterans of German-enabled mistreatment of Jews during World War II are being recorded “in three dimensions” as they recount tales of the suffering endured by them and others they knew and heard about. Condemnation of Germans, Nazis, …

The first issue of Smith's Report came out in the Spring of 1990. Now Bradley is sending out the 200th issue. That is a pretty amazing achievement given the furious efforts of Believers to stifle discussion and thought on the Holocaust story. For over 23 years Smith's Report has been …