Issue: No. 2

The Revisionist, No. 2, Jan. 2000

CODOH Series · No. 2 · January 2000

Going After Pat Buchanan: Americanism and Anti-Semitism

What do you call a man who puts America's interests first, saved a man from the gallows, and defends Charles Lindbergh? Some call him "Anti-Semite."

How "Farenheit 451" Trends Threaten Intellectual Freedom

In the Middle Ages, we burned books and witches. We enjoyed it. We've come a long way from those days - haven't we?

A Challenge from the USHMM: A Revisionist Response, Part 2

This taxpayer funded extravaganza focuses on one tragedy, dismisses and distorts others, and displays a bomb shelter door claiming it's the door to a "gas chamber." Why?

The Greatest Error of the Twentieth Century

If World War Two had to happen because of World War One, what happens if we find out that World War One was a mistake? Who do we get to blame then?

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