Issue: No. 5

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CODOH Series · No. 5 · February 2001

Denying the Revisionists, The Errors and Falsifications of Deborah Lipstadt
Richard Widmann

Finkelstein's Expose of the Holocaust Industry, A Review
Ernest Sommers

Don't Tread on Me
Audrey Jones

Thought Experiment
William Halvorsen

Political Correctness and Suppressing the Past
George Brewer

Put the Holocaust Industry out of Business
MacKenzie Paine

Deities and Traitors: The Controversy Grows
MacKenzie Paine

The Myth of Holocaust Compensation
George Brewer

Hate Hurts, But Bullets Kill
George Brewer

The Arafat Conspiracy
George Brewer

In a style reminiscent of the most vile Nazi rhetoric, Deborah Lipstadt writes in the preface to her Denying the Holocaust, "In the 1930s Nazi rats spread a virulent form of antisemitism that resulted in the destruction of millions. Today the bacillus carried by these rats threatens to 'kill' those …

The Holocaust Industry, Norman G. Finkelstein, Verso Books, London, New York, 2000 A common criticism frequently made about Holocaust revisionists is that they tend to use the debunking of the supposed genocide of the Jewish people in World War Two as a pretext for making comments about contemporary political reality. …

Don't tread on me!" "Give me Liberty or give me Death!" "Live Free or Die!" Platitudes? Lip service to a cause? NO! These were the convictions of people who knew what was just and right and who were willing to die to ensure such justice and rights — who were …

Suppose one day you opened your Sunday paper and found out that a bunch of activist Christians had gotten together and taken out an ad declaring that Judaism was not responsible for the Russian Revolution. You would probably think they were a little bit crazy to even say that, the …

S recent advertisement in the New York Times announced that Christianity was not responsible for the Holocaust, in spite of the fact that the cultural products of Christendom bristle with negative characterizations of Jews. One way to approach this argument would be to say that Christians don't need to be …

Norman Finkelstein's new book, The Holocaust Industry, which stirred a great deal of debate and interest in Europe and Great Britain, is getting the silent treatment here in the U.S.. In his book, Finkelstein accuses Jewish organizations of exploiting the Holocaust for huge returns in reparation settlements. He accuses the …

One of the themes that has emerged in the recent convulsion of reparations demands is that Jewish Holocaust victims should be compensated for all the monies and properties lost as a result of Nazi tyranny. In a sense, this seems only just, because if a person has their belongings stolen …

The Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith, an organization devoted to combating Anti-Semitism and bigotry, has started up a new campaign to promote tolerance among children. It's called the "Close the Book on Hate Campaign" and is keyed to the marketing of a new ADL sponsored book, entitled, Hate Hurts. According …

Some years ago Commentary magazine, the flagship publication for neo-conservative Jews, published an article by Milton Himmelfarb that made the simple assertion: “No Hitler, no Holocaust.” What Himmelfarb meant was that if it hadn’t been for the driving force provided by Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitism, neither the Germans nor anyone else …