Issue: No. 5

This issue of The Revisionist did not appear as a printed version, hence there is not cover image available.

CODOH Series · No. 5 · February 2001

Denying the Revisionists, The Errors and Falsifications of Deborah Lipstadt
Richard Widmann

Finkelstein's Expose of the Holocaust Industry, A Review
Ernest Sommers

Don't Tread on Me
Audrey Jones

Thought Experiment
William Halvorsen

Political Correctness and Suppressing the Past
George Brewer

Put the Holocaust Industry out of Business
MacKenzie Paine

Deities and Traitors: The Controversy Grows
MacKenzie Paine

The Myth of Holocaust Compensation
George Brewer

Hate Hurts, But Bullets Kill
George Brewer

The Arafat Conspiracy
George Brewer

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