Issue: No. 6

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CODOH Series · No. 6 · May 2001

Holocaust Hoax on Trial. An Open Letter to PBS
Friedrich P. Berg

It's Hard to Know what's Good and Bad
Bradley Smith

Uncle Remus Goes to Dachau
George Brewer

Holocaust in Palm Beach?
William Halvorsen

The Trial of O.J. Lipstadt
George Brewer

Al Gore and the Politics of Denial
George Brewer

Stop the World! I want to get off
MacKenzie Paine

Everyone is familiar with the fact that a court case has two aspects. On the one hand, there is the case as it is decided in a court of law, on the other hand, there is the case as it is decided in the court of public opinion. Frequently a …

Dear PBS, I look forward to your program on October 31 entitled: "Holocaust on Trial." For me it will be of great interest to see how far PBS goes to distort the overwhelming evidence about Auschwitz, which shows that no one was ever, killed there in gas chambers. That you …

In Berlin the other day the Berlin chapter of B'nai B'rith bestowed the Raoul Wallenberg award on Paul Parks, 77, a Boston civil rights leader who has long been active in Massachusetts politics. The occasion of Parks' honor stems from his claim that he liberated the concentration camp at Dachau, …

In spite of what their enemies might think, there weren't too many revisionists who were worked up about this year's presidential election. In general, there didn't seem to be any big concern over the fact that Al Gore had picked a Jewish running mate, and even in the immediate aftermath …

Revisionists are used to being made fun of and being called names. The usual epithet these days is "denier" as in "Holocaust Denier." Of course, revisionists object to the name. They don't feel they are "denying" anything, just this or that aspect of the terrible fate of the Jewish people …

I am confused. Perhaps someone in the real world could enlighten me, as I seem to be living in a fantasy world. In my fantasy world, the United States of America is a free and just nation. It is the most free and just nation on the face of the …

It's hard to know what's good and bad. Two Israeli soldiers are killed by a Palestinian mob. The President of the United States appears on television to condemn mob violence. During the previous couple weeks Israeli soldiers killed a hundred or so Palestinians, many of them teenagers and even children. …