Issue: No. 7

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CODOH Series · No. 7 · September 2001

Jean-François Steiner's Bodyguard of Lies
Orest Slepokura

Verdict on Jan Sehn, Reassessing "Concentration Camp Oswiecim-Brzezinka". A Review
Ross McCullough

The Leaders of the Arab States should Quit their Silence on the Imposture of the "Holocaust" , Written for the Beirut Conference on Revisionism and Zionism
Robert Faurisson

Some Holes – Some Holocaust, The Provan and Mazal Theses
George Brewer

Revisionist Meatballs
MacKenzie Paine

Police Search!, 6-Feb-01
Robert Faurisson

I'm Willing to be Convinced I'm Wrong
Bradely Smith

The Bully Persists
MacKenzie Paine

Holes at Auschwitz
Matt Giwer

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