Issue: No. 8

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CODOH Series · No. 8 · November 2001

Holocaust Revisionism and Neo-Nazism, They are Not the Same!
Paul Grubach

The Footman
John Weir

Why Won't Deborah Lipstadt Debate the Holocaust Revisionists?
Paul Grubach

Hunting Demjanjuk, Injustice, Double Standards, and Ulterior Agendas
Paul Grubach

The Changing Definition of 'Holocaust', A Review
Richard Widmann

The Plum Cake
John Weir

Can I Sell You a Testimony?
Joseph Bellinger

Open Letter to Deborah Lipstadt
Paul Grubach

There's Glory for You!
John Weir

One of the most damaging, oft-repeated and false accusations leveled against Holocaust revisionism is that it is part of an extremist neo-Nazi movement, the ultimate purpose of which is to destroy democratic political systems and reintroduce Nazi totalitarianism. Expressing this widely held sentiment, a major opponent of Holocaust revisionism, Dr. …

In 1993, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that John Demjanjuk was not guilty in regard to the allegations that he was the notorious guard of Treblinka known as "Ivan the Terrible." His United States citizenship was restored shortly thereafter. The Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations (OSI) has recently revived …

Over the last year or so, a slogan created by the French Holocaust revisionist, Robert Faurisson has gotten some derisive coverage from those who disagree with him over the size and character of the Shoah. The slogan is "No Holes—No Holocaust."[2] Those unfamiliar with details of the story of …

Dear Dr. Lipstadt: I have just finished reading D.D. Guttenplan's The Holocaust on Trial. There is one passage in the book that really struck me. On page 209, Guttenplan wrote: " was hard not to feel queasy listening to Rampton quiz Irving about his attitude to 'intermarriage between the races'—on …

Holocaust historian and Jewish activist Deborah Lipstadt is a prominent and severe critic of Holocaust revisionism (or to use her terminology, “Holocaust denial”). As a result of the libel case brought before the High Court in London in the winter-spring of 2000 by David Irving against Lipstadt and her publisher, …

Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland, Jan T. Gross, Princeton University Press, Princeton and Oxford, 2001 Although erroneously charged with "denying" the Holocaust, revisionists have for years actually only sought to redefine "Holocaust." In the standard historiography, "Holocaust" is defined as the systematic destruction of over …

Since the end of World War II a search has continued, and for many has ended with the quarry having eluded its hunters. Some believe what they seek never existed in physical form, but existed nonetheless. It is vitally important that it existed during the war though it has never …

On Friday, 1 June, I was invited to attend a symposium at Loyola Marymount University Law School Campus in downtown Los Angeles. Arriving early with two companions, gave us a welcome opportunity to explore the campus. To my surprise, there was neither a crucifix nor any other religious symbol on …

Recently John Sack and Michael Shermer have addressed the topic of Holocaust revisionism in mainstream publications, Sack in Esquire magazine and Shermer in his book, Denying History. Publicly, both Shermer and Sack are critical of revisionism. This is rather typical for those who want to be able to publish their …