Issue: No. 4

Title page TR 4/2003

Volume 1 · Issue 4 · November 2003

Revisionism in Russia:
Toppling Taboos, p. 366

100 Years of War against Germany:
British Aggression Exposed, p. 373

Small Lies of Big Guys:
Dachau Horror-Tale Unmasked, p. 385
A Deep-Frozen General, p. 386

Auschwitz: 4,000,000 Figure:
The Roots of Soviet Propaganda, p. 387

Delusional Worlds:
Unreal Truth and Untrue Reality, p. 415

Herd Instincts and Revisionism, p. 422

Death of Jean-Claude Pressac:
Anti-Revisionist Revisionist, p. 426-435

New Zealand Revisionism Continued:
Scholars Show Solidarity, p. 435-448

Show Trial in Canada Today:
The Ernst Zündel Ordeal, pp. 449-455

False Memory Syndrome:
Weakness of our Memory, pp. 456-466

And much more...

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Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Graf, J. Jean-Claude Pressac and Revisionism English 2003-11-01
Weir, J. Conspiracy – the Umpteenth, A Review English 2003-11-01
Strauss, W. Revisionism in Russia English 2003-11-01
Schneider, A. Intelligence: Genetically Inherited or Learned Behavior? English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. The Blind Spots of Mainstream ‘Holocaust Research’, A Review English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. Jewish Supremacism, A Review English 2003-11-01
Werner, S. Hundred Years of War against Germany English 2003-11-01
Töben, F. In Brief English 2003-10-01
Rudolf, G. In Brief English 2003-10-01
Rimland, I. Censorship in East and West, The Zündel Ad Campaign English 2003-11-01
M., G. Letter to the Editor English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. "Scientists" at Work English 2003-11-01
Schneider, A. Memories of a War that Never Happened English 2003-11-01
Reeves, R. False Memories in Disneyland English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. Groupthink, Lemming-Like Thinking as Reason for Political and Scientific Fiascoes English 2003-11-01
Mattogno, C. The Four Million Figure of Auschwitz, Origin, Revisions and Consequences English 2003-11-01
Manon, E. Delusional Worlds English 2003-11-01
Lüftl, W. The General in the Ice Block English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. From the Records of the Frankfurt Auschwitz Trial, Part 4 English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. The New Zealand Saga Continues English 2003-11-01
Butz, A. Sir Henry Strakosch "a Jew"? English 2003-11-01
Countess, R. My Critique of Dr. Loftus’ Behavior English 2003-11-01
Fromm, P. Thanksgiving in Jail, Canadian Show Trial against Ernst Zündel Continues English 2003-11-01
Fudge, T. The Fate of Joel Hayward in New Zealand Hands, From Holocaust Historian to Holocaust? English 2003-11-01
Dixon, F. Bulldozing the Façade of Israel As Victim, A Review English 2003-11-01
Dixon, F. Book Notices, Reviews English 2003-11-01
Song, C. Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Controversial Expert on Human Memory English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. The Double Agent English 2003-11-01
Countess, R. Jean-Claude Pressac: In Memoriam English 2003-11-01
Lüftl, W. The Dachau Horror Tale Exposed English 2003-11-01
Smith, B. Revisionist Notebook English 2003-11-01
Mattogno, C. My Memories of Jean-Claude Pressac English 2003-11-01
Weckert, I. What Was Kulmhof/Chelmno?, Questions about a controversial extermination camp English 2003-11-01

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