The Revisionist

The Journal for Open-Minded and Curious Thinkers

The Revisionist first appeared in late 1999, published by Bradley R. Smith. It was meant to primarily further the Campus Project by having an easy-to-read, slender magazine with brief papers and op-eds on issues surrounding the orthodox Holocaust narrative and its revision. The project lost inertia in 2002. To the temporary rescue came German revisionist scholar, author, editor and publisher Germar Rudolf, who between early 2003 and early 2005 edited and published 9 more issues, but this time also including many long, well-researched papers on the 120 pages of each letter size softcover issue. While Rudolf was working on the second issue of the year 2005, he was arrested by the U.S. authorities and subsequently deport to Germany (see his website for more info). Hence The Revisionist suddenly ceased to exist. It was later replaced by the extant online journal Inconvenient History

While the first, CODOH series of The Revisionist was merely numbered consecutively from one to thirteen, the later series was organized by 4 issues per yearly volume.