Shoah Business

There is no business like Shoah business – except maybe waging war, which is even more profitable – for some. Papers listed in this section deal with what Norman G. Finkelstein called the “exploitation of Jewish suffering” – not just for financial ends. As a matter of fact, the “Auschwitz club” is a formidable weapon to wield against perceived political opponents anywhere in the world. Hence, it’s big business, indeed.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Never Stop Reminding, Pushback in the Hack English 2016-07-31
Memorabilia : The Holocaust Industry - Interview with Norman Finkelstein (2002) English 2017-04-05
Memorabilia : Nuremberg Trials: Debunking the Nazi War Crimes Convictions English 2017-05-15
El diario de Ana Frank uno de los fraudes más grande del siglo XX Spanish 2017-08-02
1- Giacinto Auriti.La moneta.Dio o Mammona? La moneta-debito,per soggiogare i popoli.Il "messia" - 1 Italian 2013-06-28
Holocaust Cult, T. Daughter of Auschwitz Commandant: There Was No Smoke; There Was No Smell English 2020-01-29
Holocaust Cult, T. The Last Days of the Big Lie (2:05:48) English 2020-02-03
Holocaust Cult, T. The Jewish Plan to Murder Six Million Europeans (29:29 Min) English 2020-02-14
Holocaust Cult, T. Ernst Zundel-Holocaust Facts vs. Fiction (Part 3 of 3) (9:59 min.) English 2020-02-14
Holocaust Cult, T. Holohoax Tales - Nazis Made Tit Wallets with Nipple Buttons English 2020-02-22
Holocaust Cult, T. Holohoax Tales - Slept for 3 Days Next to a Dead Man to Get His Rations (8 sec.) English 2020-02-22
Holocaust Cult, T. Jewish Pundit Admits the 6-Million Figure Is Not True: Handsome Truth vs. Doooovid (3:21 Min) English 2020-02-25
Holocaust Cult, T. David Baddiel Stressed after Meeting Holocaust Revisionist (2:26 Min) English 2020-02-25
Holocaust Cult, T. Holohoax Tales-Don't Stick Your Head Out (:26 sec.) English 2020-03-10
Holocaust Cult, T. Eva Schloss Recalls Being Tickled by the Good-Looking Nazis (1:15 min.) English 2020-03-12
Holocaust Cult, T. Hollyhoax Tales: Amon Goth's Bathtub (1:51 Min) English 2020-04-15
Holocaust Cult, T. HOLLYhoax Tales Dancing Jews (36 Sec) English 2020-04-25
Holocaust Cult, T. The Holocaust Big Lie Documentary Introduction to the Holohoax Lies for Beginners (40: 52 Min) English 2020-04-29
Holocaust Cult, T. Nazi Concentration Camps 1945 Documentary Actual Propaganda Film Used in Nuremberg Trials. (59:14 Min) English 2020-04-29
Yakira , P. How Israeli Post-Zionists Manipulate the Holocaust (Part 2) English 2019-02-02
Ahmadinejad, M. Memorabilia: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust English 2017-06-02
Ahmadinejad, M. Ahmadinejad on the Holocaust (7:24 Min) English 2020-02-06
Ain, S. Teaching The Horror, As the world marks Holocaust Remembrance Day this week, schoolteachers here use the holocaust as a vehicle to combat bigotry English 1995-04-28
Alexis, J. Denying Denial, First Published in Veteran's Today English 2017-01-06
Alexis, J. Did Hitler Foresee the New World Order?, First Published in Veterans Today English 2017-01-20
Alexis, J. What the Holocaust Establishment Will Never Say about Anne Frank, First Published in Veterans Today English 2017-01-24
Atzmon, G. Memorabilia: Jewish Dissenters or Holocaust Guardians English 2017-06-13
Atzmon, G. The Holocaust of Truth Gilad Atzmon English 2019-02-11
Bellinger, J. For the Benefit of Judy Cohen English 2007-03-30
Berret, K. Dr. Kevin Barrett Academic Freedom to Question the Holocaust (6:29 Min) English 2020-04-16
Brewer, G. Will the Gold Train be a Gravy Train? English 2000-01-01
Brewer, G. The Grasshopper and the Ant English 2000-01-01
Brewer, G. Al Gore and the Politics of Denial English 2001-05-01
Brewer, G. The Myth of Holocaust Compensation English 2001-02-01
Brockschmidt, D. David Brockschmidt on Schindler's List English 2017-11-25
Butz, A. La fabula del Holocausto Spanish 1987-00-00
CODOH News Finkelstein arrested in Israel, ThoughtCrime: 05/22/08 English 2008-05-23
Camp, A. Holohoax Tales - 4 Million Killed in Auschwitz (58:00 Min) English 2020-02-22
Chabloz, A. Police, Thieves, Enemies and Trolls English 2017-05-20