German Trials

After the victorious powers had installed their respective systems with a compliant Quisling government in each part of Germany (The Federal Republic in west Germany and the German Democratic Republic in east Germany), the courts of law of these lackey states continued the allied legacy of cementing allied wartime propaganda by uncritically parroting the allied charges when prosecuting former German officials. Here are papers looking into this shameful legacy of German “justice.”

. (...) Per protestare contro il “Niagara di menzogne” sulla storia del popolo tedesco di media, classe politica e magistratura il 25 aprile 1995 alle ore 20 il pensionato Reinhold Elstner si diede fuoco sui gradini della Feldherrenhalle di Monaco di Baviera. Settantacinque anni, laureato in ingegneria, soldato sul fronte …

Trying to sustain the human side of revisionism can be very hard. The more-so, if you have previously been imprisoned for such thought crimes. Sylvia Stolz goes to a German prison for 18 months, again, for something she said outside Germany. Such is our Zionist-occupied world, Dear Reader.