War Crime Trials + Prosecutions

"I thought at the time and still think that the Nuremberg trials were unprincipled. Law was created ex post facto to suit the passion and clamor of the time. The concept of ex post facto law is not congenial to the Anglo-American viewpoint on law. Before criminal penalties can be imposed there must be fair warning that the conduct which one undertook was criminal."—William O. Douglas, LL.D. (Associate Justice, Supreme Court of the U.S., 1939-1975)

We used to have these trials listed under postwar crimes, but since most visitors don't expect them there, hence had a hard time finding it, we moved it up one notch. If you wonder why we put it there in the first place: because the Allied tribunals and all the trials that followed in their wake were a crass violation of international law and thus a crime by definition. Here are papers bringing that message home.

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
Bolton, K. The Yockey-Thompson Campaign against Post-War Vengeance English 2013-04-01
Macvie, E. West of Memphis, A Movie Review English 2013-12-01
Bartling, D. Why the United States Rejects the International Criminal Court English 2003-08-01
Bishop, J. After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation, Book Review English 2009-08-01
Wesserle, A. Allied War Crimes Trials English 1981-07-01
Porter, C. War Crimes Trials English 2000-03-01
Olodogma arendt hannah e la collaborazione ebraica con l' SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann Italian 2012-11-26
Memorabilia : Nuremberg Trials: Debunking the Nazi War Crimes Convictions English 2017-05-15
Olodogma Francesco Lamendola: il processo di Norimberga, prologo del totalitarismo finanziario mondiale Italian 2013-06-13
Olodogma Norimberga ultimo atto, l’impiccagione dei gerarchi nazionalsocialisti Italian 2013-07-31
Olodogma Menzogna e falsificazione come prassi liberale e comunista,USA, URSS, alleati nella falsificazione di Katyn al Processo di Norimberga Italian 2013-12-20
Olodogma Revisionismo del numero di vittime del Kl di Lublino-Majdanek...di Jürgen Graf Italian 2014-05-11
Stäglich, W. Der Auschwitz- Mythos, Legende oder Wirklichkeit? : Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme German 2018-06-12
Porter, C. Non colpevole a Norimberga, Le argomentazioni della difesa Italian 2018-06-14
Porter, C. Not Guilty at Nuremberg, The German Defense Case English 1996-03-06
Porter, C. "NO CULPABLE" EN EL PROCESO DE NUREMBERG, Los argumentos de la defensa Spanish 1996-06-14
Merlin, D. Operation Finale to Be Released Next Week English 2018-08-15
Olodogma Norimberga Illegittimità del tribunale – Torture fisiche e psicologiche. Impiccagione/assassinio Italian 2014-10-20
Olodogma Norimberga: il 24.03.2015 nuovo processo al revisionista tedesco Gerd Ittner Italian 2015-03-21
Clark, V. Gleiwitz: A False, False Flag? English 2018-12-22
Olodogma Esempio di falsificazione dei documenti al processo farsa di Norimberga (IMT- Interna­tionaler Mi­litärge­richtshof) Italian 2015-09-22
Olodogma Angelo d'Orsi e la truffa di Norimberga "vendetta degli Alleati moralmente discutibile" Italian 2015-11-10
Olodogma Olodogma accusato (hasbara-sayanim-shabbat_goy?) di spacciare "tarocchi" Italian 2016-01-19
Olodogma Sergio Romano: banalità sul Processo di Norimberga Italian 2016-03-18
Scott, H. The Holocaustian Propaganda Campaign against Bashar al-Assad, Holocaust Propaganda Deliberately Used to Cause War English 2017-06-30