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Moran, T. Belzec/Kola – Going to Extremes to Sell the Lie, A Review English 2002-01-01
Crowell, S. Typhus and Cholera, Nazis and Jews, Book Review English 2001-12-01
Grimstad, W. The Occult Roots of Nazism, Book Review English 1991-04-01
Wikoff, J. Faces of the Enemy, Book Review English 1990-12-01
Adams, H. Göring: A Biography, Book Reviews English 1989-12-01
Cobden, J. Lessons from Dachau, Book Review English 1989-12-01
Ries, J. Hitler's Hometown, Book Review English 1989-10-01
Weber, M. Reference Work on the Third Reich is Riddled with Errors, Book Review English 1993-07-01
Raven, G. Reference Work on the Third Reich is Riddled with Errors, Book Review English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. Fire Signs, Book Review English 1983-04-01
Smith, W. Failure at Nuremberg / Rudolf Hess, Book Reviews English 1983-04-01
Rollins, L. Auschwitz and the Allies / The Terrible Secret, Book Reviews English 1983-04-01
Martin, J. A Memoir of Globaloney, Orwellianism and Dead Sea Fruit, A Review English 1983-04-01
Mattogno, C. “Denying History”? – Denying Evidence!, The Phony “Convergence of Evidence” to “Prove” the “Holocaust.” A Review English 2005-09-01
Crowell, S. The Case For Auschwitz: Evidence From The Irving Trial, by Robert Jan van Pelt, A Review English 2002-08-01
Macvie, E. Safe Among the Germans: Liberated Jews After World War II, A Review English 2013-04-01
Ward, A. The Second World War, Book Review English 1990-10-01
Clive, R. Roosevelt and Hitler: Prelude to War, Book Review English 1990-10-01
Hawkins, J. The Spanish Armada: The Experience of War in 1588, Book Review English 1990-10-01
Grubach, P. Broken Alliance: The Turbulent Times between Blacks and Jews in America, Book Review English 1990-04-01
Grimstad, W. Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor, Book Review English 1990-04-01
Martin, J. A "Good War" It Wasn’t, Book Review English 1990-04-01
Jackson, T. Why I Survived the A-Bomb, Book Review English 1990-04-01
Lutton, C. Paris in the Third Reich, A Review English 1983-10-01
Rollins, L. Yehuda Bauer and the 'Polemical and Apologetic Bias' of Jewish Historiography, A Review English 1983-10-01
Weber, M. Swiss Historian Exposes Anti-Hitler Rauschning Memoir as Fraudulent, A Review English 1983-10-01
Weber, M. ‘Holocaust Deception’ Makes Waves in Turkey English 1997-07-01
Jansson, F. The "Extermination Camps" of "Aktion Reinhardt", Book Reviews English 2014-02-23
Crowell, S. An Exercise in Futility, Book Review English 2001-07-01
Weir, J. Conspiracy – the Umpteenth, A Review English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. The Blind Spots of Mainstream ‘Holocaust Research’, A Review English 2003-11-01
Rudolf, G. Jewish Supremacism, A Review English 2003-11-01
Weber, M. Not Quite the Hitler Diaries, Book Review English 2001-07-01
Sommers, E. The Objectivity of Historians – Or Else!, A Review English 1999-11-01
Widmann, R. Denying the Revisionists, The Errors and Falsifications of Deborah Lipstadt English 2001-02-01
O'Keefe, T. Shoah, Book Review English 1988-04-01
O'Keefe, T. Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist, A Review English 1988-04-01
Thompson, H. Conspiracy and Betrayal around Hitler, A Review English 1988-04-01
Wikoff, J. Hollywood Goes to War, A Review English 1988-04-01
Countess, R. An American in Exile: The Story of Arthur Rudolph, A Review English 1988-07-01

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