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Merson, M. On the Treadmill to Pearl Harbor, A Review English 1988-07-01
Ries, J. Waldheim, Book Review English 1988-07-01
Smith, D. Stalin's War, Book Review English 1988-07-01
Strang, J. Keeper of Concentration Camps, Book Review English 1988-07-01
Wikoff, J. Heckling Hitler: Caricatures of the Third Reich, Book Review English 1988-07-01
Butz, A. Some Thoughts on Pressac’s Opus, A Response to a Major Critique of Holocaust Revisionism English 1993-05-01
Alexander, J. Two Biographical Works Examine the Life of a Great British Historian and Military Thinker, Book Reviews English 1993-05-01
O'Keefe, T. A Failed Look at Europe’s Impact on America’s Native Peoples, Book Review English 1993-05-01
Collins, D. New Collins Book Takes Aim at Cant and Bigotry, "Here We Go Again!" English 1999-02-15
Grubach, P. The Final Solution: A Response to Christopher Browning, A Review English 2009-01-01
Marchetti, V. Behind "Khrushchev Remembers", Book Review English 1994-05-01
Michaels, D. Nuremberg: Woe to the Vanquished, Book Review English 1998-01-01
Mcnally, P. At Long Last: A New Revisionist Standard Work English 2012-07-31
Mckeon, D. At Long Last: A New Revisionist Standard Work English 2012-07-31
Kehl, H. 'Holocaust' Pharmacology vs. Scientific Pharmacology, A Review English 1981-04-01
Muirden, G. Honoring a Great Man English 2005-09-01
Michaels, D. Red Army Wartime Leadership, Reviews English 2005-09-01
Michaels, D. The Spanish Civil War – Redux, Reviews English 2005-09-01
Grubach, P. Does "International Jewry" Exist?, Grubach Contra Herf English 2006-01-09
Wikoff, J. War Without Mercy: Race and Power in the Pacific War, A Review English 1986-12-01
Thompson, H. Selling Hitler, A Review English 1986-12-01
Franz-Willing, G. Rebel Patriot: A Biography of Franz von Papen, A Review English 1988-04-01
Martin, J. The Second Oldest Profession: Spies and Spying in the Twentieth Century, Book Review English 1988-10-01
Ries, J. German Big Business and the Rise of Hitler, Book Review English 1988-10-01
Gray, A. An Old/New Perspective on the Nuremberg Process, Book Review English 1993-07-01
Weber, M. New Revisionist Books in Europe, Book Notice English 1993-07-01
Anantharamiah, S. Comprehensive Biography Examines Lives of Indian Nationalist Leaders, Book Review English 1994-03-01
O'Keefe, T. Novel Traces Wartime Exodus of German Mennonites, Book Review English 1994-03-01
Clive, R. American Historian Looks At “Ethnic Cleansing” of Germans, Book Review English 1994-03-01
Weir, J. Exonerating Pearl Harbor’s Scapegoats, Book Review English 1997-11-01
Michaels, D. Historian Details Stalin’s Two-Year ‘Mobilization’ Plan for European Conquest, Book Review English 1995-11-01
Bishop, J. Russian Specialist Lays Bare Stalin's Plan to Conquer Europe, Book Review English 1997-11-01
Collins, D. Retirement, 'Nuremberg' and Auschwitz 'Rambo' English 1997-04-20
Brandon, L. The Cruelest Night English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. Jews on Judaism English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. Book Reviews English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. Oradour: Village of the Dead, A Review English 1980-10-01
Rudolf, G. Gestapo USA, A Review English 2003-08-01
Smith, S. Battlefield Patriotism, A Review English 2003-08-01
Smith, S. "Genocide" by Shovel and Sewing Machine, A Review English 2003-08-01

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