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Adams, H. Göring: A Biography, Book Reviews English 1989-12-01
Alexander, J. Two Biographical Works Examine the Life of a Great British Historian and Military Thinker, Book Reviews English 1993-05-01
Allen, A. Modern American Witch Hunts, What 30 Years Have Shown English 2012-08-18
Alvi, D. Anthology on Jewish Resistance and anti-Polonism English 1996-08-12
Anantharamiah, S. Comprehensive Biography Examines Lives of Indian Nationalist Leaders, Book Review English 1994-03-01
Anderson, J. Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, A Review English 1994-01-01
Atelier, R. Taking Sides: America's Secret Relations with a Militant Israel, A Review English 1986-10-01
Berger, J. Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers English 2003-02-01
Bishop, J. Russian Specialist Lays Bare Stalin's Plan to Conquer Europe, Book Review English 1997-11-01
Bishop, J. The Chief Culprit, A Review English 2009-10-01
Bishop, J. Could Hitler Have Won? A Thoughtful Look at the German-Soviet Clash Reassesses the Second World War, Book Review English 1995-11-01
Bishop, J. DEATHRIDE: Hitler vs. Stalin: the Eastern Front, 1941-1945, A Review English 2010-12-01
Bishop, J. After the Reich: The Brutal History of the Allied Occupation, Book Review English 2009-08-01
Bishop, J. Study of Roosevelt’s Path to Pearl Harbor Debunks Popular Historical Myths, Book Review English 1996-03-01
Blair, E. A Hidden Holocaust – Revealed: Crimes and Mercies, by James Bacque, A Review English 1996-01-01
Bolton, K. Reconsidering Hitler's Gestapo, Review English 2016-09-05
Brandon, L. The Cruelest Night English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. Jews on Judaism English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. Book Reviews English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. Oradour: Village of the Dead, A Review English 1980-10-01
Brandon, L. The Other Holocaust: Many Circles Of Hell, A Review English 1980-12-01
Brandon, L. The Crime of Moscow in Vynnytsia, A Review English 1980-12-01
Brandon, L. Book Reviews English 1980-08-01
Brandon, L. Assault on the Liberty, A Review English 1980-08-01
Brecht, K. Not Guilty at Nuremberg: The German Defense Case, Book Review English 1990-10-01
Butz, A. Some Thoughts on Pressac’s Opus, A Response to a Major Critique of Holocaust Revisionism English 1993-05-01
Butz, A. The Faurisson Affair, A Review English 1980-12-01
Butz, A. The Faurisson Affair – II, A Review English 1982-10-01
Butz, A. Why Did the Heavens not Darken?, Book Review English 1989-10-01
Butz, A. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (16: 51 min) English 2019-11-23
Chaim, B. The Fascist Ego: A Political Biography Of Robert Brasillach, A Review English 1980-12-01
Chaim, B. Genocide In The Holy Land, A Review English 1980-12-01
Chaim, B. The Holocaust and the Historians, Book Review English 1982-04-01
Chaim, B. Isolationists in the Cold War Era, A Review English 1982-04-01
Chalmers, B. The ‘Jewish Question’ in 15th and 16th Century Spain, Historian Sustains Spanish Inquisition Myths English 1996-01-01
Chapsky, B. Revisionism: The Most Dangerous Topic, A Review English 2003-05-01
Clarke, A. Classic Critique of "The Revolution That Was" Traces America's Road from Republic to Empire and Explores Legacy of the Roosevelt New Deal Revolution , Book Review English 1994-09-01
Clarke, A. New Work Examines Suppressed Conservative Political-Intellectual Heritage, Book Review English 1994-09-01
Clive, R. Roosevelt and Hitler: Prelude to War, Book Review English 1990-10-01
Clive, R. American Historian Looks At “Ethnic Cleansing” of Germans, Book Review English 1994-03-01

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