Scheidl, Franz J.

Franz Josef Scheidl was born on December 18, 1890, in Vienna. He held three PhD degrees (law, philosophy and political sciences). Before WWII he taught labor law. He was a member of the Social Democratic Party, but joined the NSDAP in 1934. After the war he once more joined the Social Democrats.

After WWII he was among the first ethnic German historical revisionists. During that time he also taught labor law at the University of Vienna. His main work is the self-published seven volume series Geschichte der Verfemung Deutschlands (The History of Germany’s Defamation). These books are at times polemical, and Scheidl’s factual claims are often unsubstantiated, so that today’s revisionists tend to ignore Scheidl’s work. Despite these deficiencies, his books served as a catalyst and starting point for subsequent sketipcs.

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