Theil, Georges

Georges (Marc Antoine) Theil is a French author born on August 1, 1940.

His father was a member of the French resistance and died during the war in German captivity. This heritage defined Georges’ youth. In particular, he rejected any fatalist attitude. He actively questioned and researched all kinds of accounts and document in search of an explanation for the outbreak of the World Wars. He quickly realized that the prevailing account of these conflicts was incomplete and often erroneous or tainted by bias.

He studied sciences at the Collège Stanislas in Paris, where he obtained a university diploma in Math, physics and chemistry. After a grave bike accident he switched his career and became a telecommunications administrator (1970-1976).

During that phase he acquainted himself with the work by Paul Rassinier, which confirmed his sentiment about the historiography of WWII and which launched him onto his revisionist endeavor. He subsequently visited and revisited many former German concentration camps and collected documentation about them. The biased and false information he found reinforced his views.

Due to the 1986 Roques affaire in France he dedicated himself to the propagation of historical accuracy in spite of the growing persecution. After having met Robert Faurisson several times, Georges became an enthusiastic disciple following his teacher to various revisionist conferences in the USA between 1987 and 1990.

In 1998 he got elected for six years as a representative of the French nationalist party Front National for the region Rhone-Alpes.

G. Theil has written down his personal experience of how he turned into a revisionist in his autobiography Un cas d’Insoumission ("A Case of Defiance"). For this book and his public comments about its content Theil was prosecuted, sentenced to prison for a half year, and financially ruined (although due to a legal ruse of his lawyer he managed to avoid serving his time).

G. Theil presented a paper at the 2006 Tehran conference arguing that revisionism, in addition to its foundation of striving for exactitude, must also have a moral impetus in striving to make the world a more honest place.

Theil currently works on a new book to be published in early 2012.

He can be contacted at: 6, rue Gallice, F-38100 Grenoble (France) and via [email protected]

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