Nazi personalities, excluding members of the Wehrmacht.

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Author Document Language Published
Dalton, T. Rethinking "Mein Kampf" English 2016-02-18
Irving, D. Memorabilia : The Real Winston Churchill : David Irving English 2017-09-08
Olodogma Norimberga ultimo atto, l’impiccagione dei gerarchi nazionalsocialisti Italian 2013-07-31
Olodogma Adolf Hitler aveva fatto un’offerta di pace nel 1941 all'Inghilterra. E' confermato! Italian 2013-10-27
Weber, M. Nazi Obsession English 2018-05-21
International, T. Procès des grands criminels de guerre Devant le Tribunal Militaire International, Nuremberg 14 novembre 1945-1er octobre 1946 French 1946-09-01
Rassinier, P. La mentira de Ulises Spanish 2018-06-25
Irving, D. The Murder of Heinrich Himmler (1999) English 2018-06-25
Rassinier, P. WAS NUN, ODYSSEUS? German 1960-06-28
Merlin, D. Operation Finale to Be Released Next Week English 2018-08-15
Vidal-Naquet, P. A Paper Eichmann. Anatomy of a Lie English 1992-08-24
Irving, D. Himmler by Historian David Irving (2014) English 2018-09-23
Merlin, D. Operation Finale, Another Holocaust Movie Flop English 2018-09-30
Rucker, J. The Man in the Glass Cage, Bullet-proof, Soundproof: What's the Difference? English 2018-10-20
Wear, J. The Adolf Eichmann Trial English 2018-12-12
Irving, D. Memorabilia: The Murder of Heinrich Himmler (1999) English 2019-02-13
Irving, D. Memorabilia: The Life and Death of Heinrich Himmler by David Irving English 2019-03-06
Olodogma Prof. Faurisson: Due buone notizie...Il Diario di Alfred Rosenberg e il film Il Figlio di Saul Italian 2015-11-17
Mengele, J. Josef Mengele Angel of Death or Angel of Life English 2019-08-31
Holocaust Cult, T. The Truth about Josef Mengele Documentary by Aaron Kasparov (47:36 Min) English 2020-01-31
Irving, D. Himmler by Historian David Irving (2:03:30 Hrs) English 2020-02-05
Holocaust Cult, T. Holohoax Tales - I Outsmarted Mengele by Killing My Own Child (3:22 Min) English 2020-02-15
Mengele, J. Holohoax Tales - Prisoners Kill a Twin to Spoil Mengele Experiments (1:07 Min) English 2020-02-21
Mengele, J. Holohoax Tales - Mengele's Empty-Headed Corpses (1:24 Min) English 2020-02-21
Irving, D. David Irving Discusses Rudolf Hess (2:43:36 Min) English 2020-03-14
Of Auschwitz, W. Holohoax Tales - The William Tell of Auschwitz (1:31 Min) English 2020-03-31