Third Reich Era

Events, organizations and personalities of National Socialist Germany – excluding war-related events (see "World War II") and the alleged extermination events of the war period (see "Holocaust" & "Final Solution").

Documents in this category

Author Document Language Published
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Olodogma Wiesenthal sapeva tutto. E' bugiardo o criminale! Elan Steinberg, guerra "civile" ebraica, dura e dolorosa Italian 2012-10-01
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Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Part II English 2012-08-30
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Heink, W. Reinhard Heydrich: Part IV English 2012-09-06
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Olodogma Emigrazione ebraica dalla Germania l'occasione mancata della Conferenza di Evian Italian 2013-04-25
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Olodogma Testimoni di Geova e Nazionalsocialismo Italian 2013-05-26
Olodogma Abbiamo fatto di Hitler un mostro, un demonio...Quando la Verità storica cancella le falsità… Italian 2013-05-27
Olodogma Il Gotteskampf di Johann von Leers – 1 Italian 2013-07-04
Olodogma Il Gotteskampf di Johann von Leers – 2 Italian 2013-07-04