Documents on Himmler Murder Forged
Published: 2005-07-02

Three weeks ago I reported that David Irving had posted documents proving that Heinrich Himmler was murdered. Now, as a result of investigations commissioned by the London newspaper The Daily Telegraph [once at, but now removed; ed.], it appears these documents were forged.

The documents in question came from the archives of the British "Public Records Office", loosely referred to as the "National Archives". The institution in question does indeed correspond to the U.S. National Archives, and a determination that documents found in either institution are phonies was viewed as highly unlikely to impossible.

The identity of the persons who planted the forged documents, and the date of the deed, are not known at present.

At present (2 July 2005) David Irving seems not convinced forgery has been proved, though Martin Allen, author of the book that started this controversy, Himmler's Secret War, published in May, concedes the forgery. I am willing to entertain another surprise, but at present I accept that the documents are forgeries.

When I reported on these documents here I had no doubt as to their authenticity, just as I would not doubt documents from the U.S. National Archives. However I had one nagging concern. Why would the perpetrators consign their crime to formal government documents? My question reflected astonishment rather than skepticism.

Meanwhile, my conjecture that Himmler was murdered still stands.

2 July 2005.

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Title: Documents on Himmler Murder Forged
Published: 2005-07-02
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