Professor Robert Faurisson in Sweden, 1992

An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism
Published: 1992-01-01
Professor Robert Faurisson in Sweden, 1992

An presentation by French revisionist Prof. Dr. Robert Faurisson. Length: 118 minutes 7 seconds.

Among the topics treated by Pr. Robert Faurisson

  • Comments on his 'hot reception' at the Stockholm airport and on numerous previous attacks he was submitted in France from Jewish organizations.
  • Pr. Faurisson exposes his views on revisionism by starting with his famous '60 words' (for the French sentence) statement.
  • His 'easy' challenge put to the Swedish media: 'Show me or draw me a Nazi gas chamber'.
  • The so called 'gas chambers' of Auschwitz.
  • What do Revisionists say vs what do Exterminationists say on Holocaust. The main contradictions of the official historiography.
  • What did really happen to the Jews during WWII. Mythical '6 millions' and real numbers.
  • Survivors are eyewitnesses of what actually? 'If those numerous survivors are a living proof of something, it is that there was no extermination'.
  • Probably 1 million Jews died mostly by natural causes during 6 years of wartime. The difference between 6 and 1 million is 5 millions.
  • The alleged 'extermination of the Jews' and the so called 'orders of Hitler'.
  • Why not a forensic examination for those alleged weapons of extermination?
  • The pioneering revisionist work by Fred Leuchter, an expert on US gas chambers of execution.
  • The question of the Nazi homicidal gas chambers. Is it easy to gas massively without dying?
  • The 'secret death factories' of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The Rudolf Germar Report
  • Chaos in Germany and Allied propaganda after liberating Nazi concentration camps.
  • Lie and Historical lie. If it is exact, can you prove it?
  • Revisionism is now the big intellectual adventure of the XXIth Century.
  • Finally Pr. Faurisson answers to several usual questions made to Revisionism by the audience. The professional liars Elie Wiesel & Simon Wiesenthal.

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