Smith's Report, no. 5, June 1991
Published: 1991-06-01

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First, I want to thank those of you who contributed to my purchase of a fax machine. I now have a Sharp UX 192 installed at my work station. Within days I will begin to use it. It's going to be a great help, and it's going to produce many media contacts that until now I have been unable to nail down. As it turned out, I found an excellent fax that cost much less than I had been led to believe it would. Consequently I have part of the money I will need to get a good, small photocopier. For the first time since I began this work I am approaching a situation where I will have the tools that I need to carry it out effectively. My thanks.

Northwestern University

The big story with the College Open Debate Project continues to take place at Northwestern University in the Chicago suburb of Evanston where Professor Arthur Butz teaches. On 4 February S.H.O.A.H. (Students Helping to Organize Awareness of the Holocaust), bought a full page in the student paper The Daily Northwestern to run their denunciation of Professor Butz, including the signatures of about 175 faculty members and students (see Smith's Report #4). It's my understanding that S.H.O.A.H. was organized in turn by Northwestern Hillel. For background on these and the following developments of the Northwestern story, see Smith Report numbers 3 & 4.

On Thursday, 4 April, S.H.O.A.H., Hillel and the entire Northwestern faculty and student body were rather taken aback to see a 2,000-word article sponsored by Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust and written by myself, taking up a full page in The Daily Northwestern. I don't think anything like it has ever appeared in any university or college newspaper anywhere in America. A single supporter in the Mid-West bought the page for The Project at a cost of $384.

The day the article appeared a reporter for The Daily interviewed me by telephone. The following Monday her article led off by noting that the CODOH article had sparked "intense reaction on campus." A rabbi from Hillel, a professor of German and three Jewish students are quoted as condemning the ad. On 9 April The Daily published two letters condemning Revisionism and a cartoon ridiculing Revisionist theory.

On 11 April The Daily published a one-half page "Perspective" column by Associate Professor of History and German, Peter Hayes. A lack of authority on the subject matter is evident in the professor's writing, and it's interesting to see how he attacks The Daily as well as me for having an open policy toward publishing unorthodox views. The letter is an unusual one to come forth from a professional historian and ostensibly a sophisticated man.

While I did reply to Hayes's letter, and my reply was published in The Daily, I am going to have to reply to him using a different forum, one that I have already made a decision about.

On 12 April the new editor of The Daily, a young lady named Kim Barker, wrote that she had received numerous complaints about the CODOH article, stating that what I wrote was "offensive, inaccurate and downright

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The Daily Northwestern The Daily Northwestern

"The Daily Northwestern," Thursday, April 4, 1991: "The Holocaust Story: How Much is False? The Case for Open Debate"
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The Holocaust Story.... continued

terrifying," but standing four-square behind the obligation of The Daily to not deny its pages to radical viewpoints. More letters followed and on the 17th The Daily published my response to Professor Hayes. There's not much you can say in response to a letter like the one Hayes wrote unless you have a lot of room to say it in. I have another way of taking care of that.

The furore continued with more letters on 19, 24, 25 and 26 April. The director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Chicago had his say -- in a rather more civil manner than the professors. On 30 April Professor Hayes held a "fireside" chat with 60 - 70 students in a Northwestern fraternity house. Unlike the fireside to which Butz had been invited to speak two months earlier (see SR #4), there were no protests, no threats of violence and, needless to say, no cancellation. By a strange coincidence, however, CODOH had a friend at Professor Hayes' fireside who took careful notes of what the historian said. He made several interesting, indeed surprising statements, and I think it only right that the students who attended the fireside should understand some of the implications of what he said, and they will.

On 1 May The Daily reported on the Hayes fireside and that article, together with his published letters, letters and our own notes on the fireside, I have all the material I need to take the next major step in the Northwestern Open Debate Project. Professor Peter Hayes has become the pivotal figure at Northwestern in this particular caper. Until now he has enjoyed the immunity that professors have when they slander Revisionists and suppress revisionist scholarship at Northwestern and everywhere else, but Professor Hayes' immunity from having to face the trials of open debate at Northwestern is over.

I feel a good deal of sympathy for Professor Hayes. He has a good face, he appears to be a decent sort and to be respected by students and faculty alike. No one has ever asked any of the faculty at Northwestern to be honest about Holocaust fraud and falsehood and the implications that flow from it. Now Professor Hayes has been

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chosen to do this valuable work. Will he be up to it? There's no way to know. But an adventure is approaching Professor Hayes with an air of inevitability about it. It's an adventure he should have had long before this, and it is my gift to him. Maybe Professor Hayes and I will share in it together.

I've put together all the clippings about the Open Debate Project that have been published in The Daily Northwestern, together with a couple letters of my own to the paper that have gone unpublished, into a file -- The Northwestern File. As of this writing there are about 20 pages of material. If you would like to have the whole enchilada I'll send it along in return for a donation. It's interesting to have the story all laid out before you.

CODOH is going to have a local Chicago telephone message center starting in May. Edward Mueller, a Glenview (Chicago suburb) resident who will graduate from high school this month, is going to handle it. We have installed a telephone line and answering machine. The new CODOH ad in The Daily Northwestern will retain CODOH's Visalia mailing address but will now sport CODOH's new local Chicago telephone number. Mueller would seem to be very young to be handling this work, but he is a very sober young man and is well-acquainted with Revisionist theory. I hope to be able to provide the Chicago number with a brief weekly update on Northwestern and related projects. He understands that if the heat starts to rise too high for him that he will remove himself from the Project and that none of us will think the less of him for it.

If you have words of encouragement for Ed, or if you want to talk over the Northwestern (Chicago regional) Project, you can reach Ed Mueller at 1-707 824 3255, or by writing PO Box 385 Glenview IL 60025.

National Association for College Activities (NACA)

There appears to be a feeling growing in the NACA membership that something should be done about my ad (see SR #4) in NACA's 9-times a year Programming magazine where I solicit speaking dates on college campuses. The protests typically go to NACA headquarters, but in February NACA held its yearly national conference and exhibition in Nashville TN and there some number of members complained personally to National Director Steven Slagle so he called to talk things over with me. Slagle's starting to feel the heat. He doesn't know me and doesn't really know what it is I do. I have sent CODOH publications to NACA but he hadn't seen them. He pointed out that NACA's primary purpose is to provide colleges with good programming, not to defend a free press. He remarked that NACA has been the secondary sponsor of lectures by Farrakhan, however, and had not come under the kind of fire he is coming under now because of CODOH. We ended the conversation with my agreement to send him a package of CODOH materials so that he can review them.

Those who want to deny CODOH the right to speak on Revisionist theory to college audiences do not typically reveal themselves to me. They protest to NACA officers, write letters, make private phone calls and so on, and generally keep their machinations secret. A recent exception to that back room behavior is that of Mr. Raymon Parker, Director of the Office of Campus Activities and the College Center at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie NY. He has written to Glenn Farr, editor of NACA's Programming magazine thusly:

"To be perfectly blunt, the ad regarding "The Holocaust Story...", on page 35 of the April 1991 issue of Programming magazine is offensive. I do not think that a right of membership in our Association allows anyone to place any ad they wish.

This ad should have been denied based on content. It is simply unacceptable to allow this kind of promotion. It denigrates the values of our profession and hinders the ability of both the Association and Higher Education to celebrate the diversity of cultures we are trying to include.

I hope that further advertisements by this associate member will place a high value on the facts of his arguments rather than the cheap and shallow sensationalism he now represents."

You can review the ad under discussion in SR #4.

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THE WHITE PAPER. Patrick J. Ferral, a recently discharged U.S. Marine officer, has taken charge of The White Paper project (see SR #4). Patrick will be able to stay on top of this project, making up I hope for all the time I fiddle-faddled around with it. It's largely an organizing job, and he is organizing his preliminary contacts and leads now. He is also the CODOH Associate for Nevada. If you have information or any ideas for the project you can reach him at: PO Box 2906, Gardnersville NV 89410.

Boston University

CODOH has been running its announcement in display classifieds in BU's The Daily Free Press, with a little help from its Boston friends. We've had some start-up problems. We kicked off the project late in the school year. The paper ran the ads irregularly, in the beginning communication between Visalia and Boston could have been better and so on. Nevertheless, we have got our foot in the door at BU and will not willingly withdraw it.

Ross Vicksell's activism has been the primary spark that encouraged me to start up the Project at BU. Ross founded the Organization of New England Revisionists (ONER) and is the one individual in the U.S. who actually promotes and leads Revisionist demonstrations. He has focused particularly on supporting Fred Leuchter, author of the Leuchter Report, as that author is pursued by the hounds of the Holocaust Lobby.

Ross's policy was to welcome everyone to ONER willing to demonstrate in favor of open debate and against suppression and censorship. He found himself in a peculiar situation. A number of those who volunteered to demonstrate with him were members of the Klan, while others appeared to be self-avowed anti-Semites. Ross, who is neither a racist nor an anti-Semite, found it uncomfortable to be publicly identified with them. There was no personal animosity involved, but he had to make a decision. He decided to disband ONER and disassociate himself from it. His bad luck with ONER has become good luck for CODOH. Ross is going to associate himself with CODOH. He will use CODOH literature and he will be largely responsible for the work CODOH does in Boston and the New England region. If you want to contact Ross, if you have suggestions or want to brain-storm with him write: Ross Vicksell 11 Foster Road Burlington MA 01803

A new pilot project, another first I believe, will soon be launched in Boston. What with CODOH in BU's The Daily Free Press, demonstrations supporting Leuchter, and the new pilot program (watch for it in SR #6) and Fred Leuchter's own independent and aggressive campaign against those extremist Jewish groups that are trying to destroy him, Revisionism is going to command a new, persistent attention in Boston media and intellectual circles.

If you want to follow the Leuchter affair closely there is no better source for information than Ernst Zuendel's monthly newsletter, Power (206 Carlton St Toronto Ontario Canada M5A 2L1). You will also be kept informed of Zuendel's long struggle in the Canadian courts to defend his right to distribute Revisionist literature.


In the past some of you have asked that I send you a cassette or report or some other information and then didn't hear back from me for months or maybe not at all. Recently, if some of you have been having the happy experience of a timely response from this office, you can blame it on Irene-Magaly Pacheco Altamirano (or more succienctly, Magaly), my stepdaughter. First, she got my own mailing list into shape and into the computer. Now she records your donations, puts your orders into the computor and once a week ships it all out. She is handling the mailing of Smith's Report and the media solicitations, including all the stuffing and so on. She's transcribing my manuscripts and putting them into the computer and is typesetting the pamphlets and "samplers" that I am readying for publication. This week she has been typsetting the first 7,000 words of the manuscript recording my interviews with French scholar Robert Faurisson and otherwise getting it ready for the printer.

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Magaly has no previous experience with any of this, except for some work with a word processor in high school, and she's doing very well at all of it. She's demonstrated to me that I cannot do all that I've been trying to do the last few years by myself, and that I have been foolish and wasteful of everybody's time to have tried to do it.

DAVID McCALDEN'S MAILING LIST. Last year, shortly before he died, David left instructions to the effect that I was to be given access to his mailing list, along with two others. This past March I was in Los Angeles to be deposed by Mel Mermelstein's lawyers, for the second time, and one Saturday morning I drove over to David's little house, where he lived with this wife and daughter not far from the beach, and picked up the three boxes of cards that make up his list.

There are essentially two lists. One containing about 750 names and a second with some 8,000. I am going on the assumption that the smaller list is certainly the David McCalden Newsletter list while the larger one is marked Truth Missions. These are very valuable lists, for they contain the names of almost 9,000 individuals worldwide who have shown themselves to be interested in Revisionism. Seeing that I got these lists was David's last act of generosity toward me, and I'm certain that he knew how valuable they could prove to be. But having 9,000 names to hand is one thing and making intelligent, profitable use of them is another.

The Daily Northwestern

Fourteen days after CODOH's full-pager appeared in The Daily Northwestern, the infamous Beate Klarsfeld spoke at that campus. It must have been a shot in the arm for the rabbis and historians there, who haven't been having such a swell time of it lately. Pictured: Rabbi M. Balinski [left], Beate Klarsfeld [center], Dr. Peter Hayes [right].

I have no funds to solicit the interest and support of any of those thousands of good revisionist contacts. The longer I wait to solicit these names, the more likely the people who own them will move, their forwarding addresses become obsolete, and that they will drop out of sight forever. Out of my sight, in any event. Your help with raising the funds to reach everyone of these interested individuals -- now -- will be very much appreciated. More than that, your contribution will be very productive. It will produce new supporters for the College Open Debate Project and for Revisionism generally, new funds to pursue the Project, which in turn will allow me to turn up the heat on our friends who run the Holocaust Lobby, parrticularly on college campuses.

It will take about $6,000 to reach all of them. Every $65 contribution will pay the complete costs for printing and mailing Smith's Report, a catalog of Revisionist materials, Mark Weber's updated version of his leaflet Auschwitz: Myths and Facts, and other materials to some 100 individuals who have shown themselves to be interested in Revisionist scholarship but who I can not reach now. Whatever contribution you can make toward this mailing list project will be greatly appreciated and very productive.

Thanks for your interest and help.

Bradley R. Smith

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