A Corrupt Review of BREAKING THE SPELL
Published: 2014-12-23

Breaking the Spell

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This essay is about the book Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust, Myth & Reality by British scholar Dr. Nicholas Kollerstrom, which appeared in December 2014. Learn more about this book here, or click on the cover to the right.

The December 11, 2014, review of Nicholas Kollerstrom's recently released book Breaking the Spell (2014) with the title "'Respectable' revisionists" can be shown to be corrupt as effortlessly as the Holocaust can be shown to be a fabrication. The author of this "review," Oliver Kamm, suppresses the contents of the book, because it would make his stance look absurd, and instead appeals to ad hominem attacks that are beneath contempt from even moderately competent referees.

In the second and third paragraphs of my Foreword, I explain how we know that the Holocaust did not take place as advertised, which has been proven on the basis of laws of materials science and of biochemistry together with the condition of the bodies found at the camps and of the walls of the purported "gas chambers" leave no room for doubt about it. But by playing on the gullibility of his target audience, Oliver Kamm attempts to suppress the evidence, which is presented in Nick's book and summarized in my Foreword:

The underlying desideratum is whether history is supposed to be accurate and true or, as Voltaire has put it, be merely “a pack of lies the living play upon the dead”. Just so we know what we are talking about: In its broadest outlines, “the Holocaust” can be defined by means of its three primary elements, which I shall designate here as hypotheses (h1), (h2) and (h3):

(h1) that Hitler was attempting to exterminate the Jews and succeeded by

putting around 6,000,000 to death;

(h2) that many of those deaths were brought about by the use of a form of cyanide gas in chambers for that purpose; and,

(h3) that the chemical agent that brought about those deaths was Zykon B, to which the victims were subjected.

The science of the Holocaust does not leave any room for doubt about (h2) and (h3), since laws of biochemistry and of materials science—laws which cannot be violated and cannot be changed—entail that the bodies of those who are put to death using cyanide turn pink, while the walls of chambers used for that purpose would turn blue. But none of the bodies from those camps has been reported to have been pink; and examination of the “gas chambers” has determined that none of them turned blue. Which means that (h2) and (h3) are not simply false but have been scientifically refuted.

Indeed, as Nick explains in his book and as my Foreword also reports, the walls of the delousing chambers did turn blue, which confirms the argument he makes elsewhere in the book: there is not only no evidence that Zyklon B was used to exterminate Jewish inmates of these camps, but there is evidence that it was being used as a delousing agent in chambers designated for that purpose. So Oliver Kamm is simply playing his audience for saps. How his review came to be published is therefore an interesting question, since it is provably corrupt based upon the first three paragraphs of the Foreword!

He also launches an attack on me for my first article about Sandy Hook, where it looked as though there had been a massacre of children carried out by a three-man hit team. The evidence then indicated that a white van had been traced back to a safe-hour in Greenwich Village, which belonged to the Mossad and was loaded with Nazi paraphernalia. Since that article in December 2012, I have publish more than 33 others, which are easily accessible by doing a search on "Jim Fetzer, Sandy Hook". The most recent is "The Sandy Hook Hoax: How we know it didn't happen" (14 December 2014).

No serious and competent reviewer would skew his remarks with such blatantly misleading information. We now know the school was closed by 2008, that no evacuation of school children had taken place (because there were no school children to evacuate), that the "iconic" photograph by the Newtown Bee photographer, Shannon Hicks, was staged and that the "official report" by Danbury State's Attorney, Stephen Sedensky, failed to establish a causal nexus that tied together the alleged shooter with his victims and the weapons he is alleged to have used—not doubt, because it was a fabricated event.

We have even discovered the FEMA manual for the event, where a drill was to be held on 13 December 2012 and the event to "go live" on the 14th, which appears to explain why the alleged shooter appears in the Social Security Death Index as having died the day before the shooting and why many donation sites were already posted on the 13th as well. The Sandy Hook hoax, however, cannot begin to hold a candle to the Holocaust hoax, which Kollerstrom has exposed in an elegant book, which Oliver Kamm is doing his best to conceal from the public, which has an obvious right to know the truth.

As for the 6,000,000, we have a series of newspaper articles bemoaning the fate of 6,000,000 Jews beginning in 1890, which I address in "Academic Freedom: Are there limits to inquiry? JFK, 9/11 and the Holocaust", which is available on YouTube. And while you are there, check out "911 talks: The Bev Collins Show with James H Fetzer Powerpoint Presentation of Complete Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing & Zero Dark Thirty Overview." In a single hour, you will discover how effortlessly the government lies to us and how unscrupulous reviewers like Oliver Kamm abuse their position to promote base propaganda. That is truly disgusting.

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