$2,000 Matching Funds Offer
Published: 1995-10-01

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Last month a generous, practical and imaginative Indiana man offered to “match” contributions of $250 or more up to a total of $2,000, with the stipulation that his contribution go specifically toward retiring my most costly credit card balance. That was Discover Card, where my debt was $4,880. (The interest payments on this debt alone are about $130 per month.)

Last month we were still sweltering in the dog days of summer, not a good time to raise money, in fact the worst time, nevertheless I’ve gotten a running start at the Discover Card debt with four supporters contributing $250 each for the matching fund account. That takes the DC debt down to $3,880. There’s still $1,000 open on the original matching-funds offer. You contribution of $250 or more can, literally, do double work here. Help with the working expenses of the Campus/Internet Project and get me out from under a serious debt overload that I found myself in about this time last year when my two primary funding sources dried up.


A California supporter has offered an additional $1,000 in matching-funds. I had called him to ask for a contribution and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. When I called he was a little short. He said he would send me $500 immediately if it were absolutely necessary, but that if I would wait 30 days he would put up $1,000 as a second matching funds offer. How could I refuse? His original offer of $500 would grow into $2,000 — if I could get the matching funds. He suggested, with respect to his own matching funds, that I lower the minimum contribution from $250 to $150.

So — there is still a total of $2,000 open in matching funds! $1,000 remains open from the Indiana offer with a contribution of $250 or more. And now there is the additional $1,000 offer open from the California supporter with a contribution of $150 or more. Your participation is needed, the funds will help support the Campus/Internet Project (it looks like that’s what I’m beginning to call it) which is being positioned now!

I don’t want to give the impression, with all this talk about the matching-funds offer, that other contributions are not important. It would be unfortunate indeed if those of you who have your own pattern of contributing were to think smaller contributions are not needed. If regular contributions fall of, then the funds received through the matching funds offer will have to take up that slack and won’t go to get rid of the $14,000 total credit card debt (just reduced to $13,000) that I’m laboring under. Those who contribute only $5 a month are making a $60 yearly contribution to the work. That’s considerably more than I would charge for Smith's Report, if I did charge for it. I’m very appreciative of each contribution I receive, and the assistance I receive in other ways.

Meanwhile, this Campus/Internet Project isn’t something being envisioned for some time in the future. We already have name recognition with the campus press and national media, in half a dozen books published by the other side — and we already have our space station out there in the cosmos (I like that image) on the Internet’s World Wide Web. While the station is unarmed now, largely empty of content, we’ll get significant weaponry up there in October, and then we’ll begin looking around for windows of opportunity to transmit our message of Intellectual Freedom and the Good News about the gas chamber stories down to the waiting multitudes on earth.

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Title: $2,000 Matching Funds Offer
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Published: 1995-10-01
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