Smith’s OnLine Review Still Set to Debut in September on the World Wide Web
Published: 1996-09-01

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As reported in the previous issue of Smith's Report, Smith's OnLine Review will begin publication on CODOH's Web site this month (due to the July 4th sneak attack, however, the debut has been moved back to the end of September).

As promised, the first issue of SOR will contain up-to-date news, analysis, and commentary on events of pertinence to Holocaust revisionists and to all persons of good will interested in defying the taboos that surround the Holocaust cult.

We really must take care of him

Oh, dear, we really must take care of that Smith fellow. Don’t you agree? You can’t shut him down and you can’t shut him up. Now he’s publishing a revisionist quarterly. Where’s it all going to end? We really must take care of him. The question is, how?

SOR's first issue will feature a major article by Bradley Smith, and the first full review of Daniel Goldhagen's Hitler's Willing Executioners by a revisionist publication anywhere; ditto for David Irving's controversial, and de facto suppressed, biography of Joseph Goebbels.

It will also include hard-hitting exposes of celebrated Holocaust "eyewitnesses" Jan Karski and Simon Wiesenthal, the famed "Nazi hunter," as well as further reviews and news on books, movies, and other media.

For revisionists, SOR's news, commentary, feature stories, historical and reportorial investigations and reviews will fill a void by dealing with contemporary events as they impact revisionist concerns—and as revisionist concerns impact them. Even subscribers to Smith's Report will welcome the wider spectrum afforded by treatment of revisionist topics outside CODOH's activity.

We at CODOH have strong cause to believe that not merely revisionists are fed up with the blackout on dissent and the smotherout on disagreement that the Holocausters strive to enforce, from the Ivy League to the Internet, from Hollywood to Hebron, from St. Martin's Press in New York to St. Peter's in Rome.

That is say, for these intellectuals, journalists, professors, students, the odd (or refreshingly sane!) politician, and for freethinkers from all walks of life, SOR will pack a powerful one-two punch: it will provide hitherto unavailable, top-notch writing on Holocaustomania and related ills, and will report, document, and passionately advocate the free-speech story of the decade— the repression of historical revisionism in and by the "democracies."

With SOR therefore, the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust, true to its history and its mission, is reaching out beyond today's all-but-closed circle of revisionists to a much larger circle of future revisionists—as well as those who may never be revisionists, but will give our ideas a fair hearing, when they encounter them.

At this time CODOH is working to ensure the broadest possible dissemination of the news of SOR's arrival, its contents, and the address of its Web site. This effort is being carried out by a mix of traditional means—advertisements, press releases by fax and by e-mail, announcement by direct mail over the air waves, and so forth. The benefits—for CODOH, for revisionism, and for America—in terms of influence and in terms of publicity, of bringing the multipage SOR to the attention of millions of college students and instructors; of providing its insights to dissidents, from Louis Farrakhan and his supporters to Jews uneasy with lockstep allegiance to Zionism and the Holocaust cult; and to open-minded intellectuals of the stripe of Christopher Hitchens, Nat Hentoff, Alexander Cockbum, and Noam Chomsky—all of whom have expressed support for true freedom of expression for revisionists—are simply incalculable.

The first few issues of Smith's OnLine Review will also be available in the form of 81/2 x 11 printouts to subscribers to Smith's Report. Once we are able to raise the necessary funding for producing a bound (saddle stitched) printed version, we will issue it as a quarterly review and sell it by subscription. We believe that once you have the first issue of SOR to hand you will understand the importance of this project, along with many thousands of other Americans—and Europeans.

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