Reorganizing CODOH
Published: 2015-10-10

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Hurray, we did it! CODOH is now officially a Charitable Trust, has its own Tax ID, a new postal address, a new bank account, and even a real phone number. And it wasn’t impeded by anything Bradley Smith or his stepdaughter did or did not do, as stated in the last Editorial, but rather by one of the Trustees misplacing a document. My apologies to all concerned!

The next step is to put something into the Trust. One donor helped us already by putting a generous amount into our bank account in order to get things started. Bradley Smith just put into the Trust the copyrights to the various names involved, as well as the contents connected to it: CODOH, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust,, Smith’s Report, to name the most important. Richard Widmann already put Inconvenient History into the pot by adopting CODOH as its new publisher, and now even Castle Hill Publishers is considering joining the fray.

Bradley has taken a big step here, because it might cut the funding for him and his family. Hence we will keep asking you to help him out, too. Also, the Trust will pay him for his contributions and expenses, because he’s back and working on his various projects again, as best he can. Thank God!


The Trustees

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Title: Reorganizing CODOH
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Published: 2015-10-10
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