CODOH Auschwitz Video Now Playing on CODOHWeb
Published: 1999-03-01

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CODOH has just made the ground-breaking videotape “David Cole Interviews Dr. Franciszek Piper” available for viewing by a world-wide audience on the World Wide Web. This is the tape in which Auschwitz museum curator Piper admits on film, contrary to his tour guides’ standard spiels, that the “gas chamber” at Auschwitz I is not the real thing, but in fact a “reconstruction” of the alleged gas chamber.

This is the video, of course, that has been hailed or damned by world leaders and academics from Los Angeles to Jerusalem, for its unsurpassed film presentation of the case for Holocaust revisionism. It has also been at the heart of CODOH’s Campus Project for the past two years. Now, thanks to the skilled and patient work of a student volunteer from Washington State University in conjunction with CODOHWeb-master David Thomas, this dynamic video can be accessed and seen, free of charge, from start to finish, by virtually every college and university student (and professor) who reads a CODOH ad.

For Web surfers who already have Real Player software, the video is available at: [no longer; watch the mp4 instead:] For those who do not have Real Player, go to: [... no longer valid] and look for the Cole video announcement along with a Real Player link that will take you to a free download location on the Web.

For those not familiar with the use of video on the Web, this tape is set up for display of what is called “streaming video.” A certain number of the frames are removed so that transmission of the video data via modem is faster than the rate at which it is being played on the computer screen. This will in turn depend on a number of variables such as local line noise, modem speed, computer clock speed and so on, so results will not be the same for everyone. At this time, we suspect that the quality will have to be reduced slightly in order to fit average modem speeds, but for those with fast computers and connections, quality should be excellent. (“Quality” is relative to Web video displays, which cannot match what you’d see on a good VCR. The picture is small and the motion a little bit jerky. Sound is excellent.)

If you go directly to the first URL given above and your browser is not set up with Real Player, it will probably start downloading the entire video file to your computer. This is no problem if you don’t mind receiving a 20.5-megabyte file, something that will take several hours to complete with an ordinary 28.8K modem!

The accessibility of CODOH’s video debunking of the Auschwitz myth, the complete text of Crowell’s The Gas Chambers of Sherlock Holmes, and Germar Rudolf's cutting edge collection of revisionist essays Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte (Foundations of Contemporary History)—not to mention a thousand other items of revisionist research, news, or comment—reminds us why the ADL, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and their like tremble at the thought of CODOHWeb. By connecting university students and others reached in our Campus Project to revisionist intellectual product, for free, at a few touches of a computer keyboard, CODOH is weaving print and electronic media into an expanding web of revisionist outreach and influence—as well as putting a real jolt into the current $250K Cole video reward campaign!

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Title: CODOH Auschwitz Video Now Playing on CODOHWeb
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Published: 1999-03-01
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