Eichmann's Daughter-in-Law Praises Him

North, South, East and West: the Holocaust Is Still the Best!
Published: 2015-11-24
Carmen Bretin Lindemann

Carmen Bretin Lindemann

Even though the Holocaust took place entirely in the northern hemisphere, eastern half, its reach now spans the globe, and has at least since 1960, when Israel’s Mossad snatched Adolf Eichmann from his self-imposed exile in the southern hemisphere, western half (Argentina) and smuggled him to Israel, where a gallows awaited him.

Last month, a candidate for mayor of the small town of Garupá (pop. 46,000) in northeastern Argentina had the poor judgment to opine in a televised interview that she thought Eichmann was a good person, a mere cog in a great machine that controlled his nation, and hadn’t even killed one person himself. She elaborated to the effect that most people in Argentina, as elsewhere, think otherwise because Jewish influences have distorted and misrepresented the historical facts.

That was the end of Carmen Beatriz Bretin Lindemann’s political career. Argentina’s Jewish leaders jumped on the remarks and Bretin’s party, the United for a New Alternative, instantly struck her off their list of candidates. After her demise, Bretin still had the grace to try to get her party off the hook by denying that she had ever held any Nazi sympathies.

At the same time, she refrained from retracting any of the nice things she had said about Adolf Eichmann, her husband’s father and grandfather to her children. In fact, she likewise neglected to retract anything she had said about Jewish control and manipulation of history, either.

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Author(s) Jett Rucker
Title Eichmann's Daughter-in-Law Praises Him, North, South, East and West: the Holocaust Is Still the Best!
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