Response to David Cole Regarding Treblinka

Published: 2014-07-28

David Cole has disparaged me specifically and my documentary The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax. Here are his comments on Facebook. And here is my response:

A Revisionist sent me a link to David Cole’s written response defending his alleged belief that 900,000 Jews were “gassed”, buried, dug back up, cremated, and reburied and / or scattered at Treblinka 2. I was disparaged along with my documentary and I’d like to respond.

Listen to Eric's interview of August 12, 2014, on ANC Report: "Eric Hunt talks WWII revisionism and reacts to David Cole’s views on Treblinka"

I thank him for taking the time and keeping an open mind while watching the documentary and responding to it. I wasn’t directly disparaged too roughly by Cole, so I’d like to keep it courteous between us, if he will allow it.

To support Cole’s view on Treblinka and “Action Reinhard Death Camps”, he relies on two general documents (the Korherr Report and the Höfle Telegram), two sinister but vague entries in the Goebbels Diary and statements by Himmler. However, Cole denies the large amount of physical, photographic, and now, testimonial evidence which supports the idea that no mass gassing could have occurred at Treblinka 2 and it primarily served as a transit camp where Jewish wealth was seized before Jews were divided into appropriate groups and sent on to other locations.

Most of Cole’s argument is based on the alleged lack of physical evidence at “Treblinka.”

“Did the inmates at Treblinka eat? For a year-and-a-half, did they ever ingest food? Did the commandant ever eat? Well, show me the Treblinka stove. Did the inmates ever go to the bathroom? Did the commandant? Well, show me a Treblinka toilet. Show me or draw me a Treblinka toilet. You can’t? Then none existed.” —David Cole

Actually David, I can show two Treblinka 1 latrines…

Treblinka latrine 1
Treblinka latrine 2

And a kitchen…

Treblinka kitchen

Back to the latrines soon – here’s David.

“My sarcasm aside, the fact is, we all know that Treblinka existed. Studying the barren land where Treblinka once stood isn’t like looking for Noah’s Ark. We know that what we’re studying did exist. And we know that the camp was razed. The case for Treblinka (and Sobibor, etc.) must be made through documents.” —David Cole

David thinks the case for Treblinka and Sobibor, etc., must be made through implying homicidal intent via documents and “code words.” But he’s wrong, as similar documents can, have been, and are falsely interpreted.

Not only that, an incredible, undeniable amount of physical evidence still exists a few feet below the current ground level of Treblinka 2. The story is that the Nazis took sand from the nearby gravel pit and dumped it all over Treblinka 2. After all, Caroline Sturdy Colls’s archaeological dig showed that remains of the alleged “gas chambers” exist below the ground at Treblinka 2. But of course, many “deniers” claim these terra-cotta tiled floored structures inmates entered after getting a haircut were likely real shower rooms, reinforced to protect against air raids.

So one can find structural remains similar to those latrines or the kitchen at Treblinka 1 beneath the ground at Treblinka 2. So David, one could very well show you a Treblinka 2 toilet or a Treblinka 2 stove, just as you sarcastically request. After all, Caroline Sturdy Colls proved “the Nazis couldn’t destroy all remains”, right? Colls’ archaeological dig shows that Treblinka 2 could very well appear quite similar to the current ruins of Treblinka 1 when approximately 3-4 feet of ground are removed.

So David is repeating an exterminationist meme which is not true. That is, that Treblinka 2 was entirely razed and it’s a land barren of evidence.

Of course the exterminationists, like Cole, claim the alleged “document trails” are the “mountain of evidence.” However there is an actual little mountain of evidence currently at Treblinka 2 waiting for proper forensic investigation.

So David’s analogy is correct, it’s not like looking for Noah’s Ark.

However, it IS like being told the exact location where Noah’s Ark is known to be buried under four feet of ground, yet having the chief rabbi of Poland prevent anyone from ever digging there.

Rabbi Schudrich

Chief Rabbi of Poland refuses archaeological exhumation of alleged mass graves at Treblinka 2

Contrary to Cole repeating the meme of the Nazis destroying all evidence, a tremendous amount of physical evidence still exists at Treblinka 2, below the current ground level. Or LACK of evidence for massive ground disturbances signifying locations where massive mass graves for 900,000 Jews once existed.

Cole himself watched as the archaeologist dug up an alleged gas chamber. Well, there’s one place to start looking for more physical evidence, David.

However, the archaeologists covered up the alleged “gas chamber” location.

One can see from approximately 0:58 – 1:30 the location of the alleged “gas chambers” Caroline Sturdy Colls’ team covered up.

Recent likely dig locations close to or where Colls’s team found nothing but fossilized shark teeth appear to have been covered with lime.

Treblinka discovery site of tiles

Of course we are told the Nazis used “quicklime” to cover up evidence at Treblinka, yet why is the “truthseeking” archaeological team doing the same thing?

Treblinka discovery site of tiles

This is a literal “cover up.” Covering up the location of “gas chambers” with dirt, and covering nearby evidence sites with lime? Isn’t that something “the Nazis” would do?

So an incredible amount of physical evidence still exists, yet is covered up by Zionist archaeologists and an investigation-impeding Jewish Chief Rabbi of Poland. Why not expose the alleged “gas chamber” site just like the ruins from Treblinka 1 for all to see?

What Treblinka Was

What “Treblinka was” can be proven from the physical evidence the Germans left. Ground level Soviet photographs taken in August 1944 show the Germans left buildings, fences, roads, and even the train tracks running to the Camp. This is confirmed by aerial photographs taken in September 1944.

Bakery at Treblinka 1944

Photograph of Treblinka bakery, stables, and fence taken by Soviets upon discovering Treblinka

The Soviets played a key part in destroying Treblinka 2 evidence. They, not the Germans, destroyed train tracks, the remains of the bakery, horse stables, and other structures.

In The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax documentary we heard from the Treblinka transitees how they were reloaded back on trains with hundreds of other Jews and not only not gassed, but given bread, almost certainly from this bakery. One can see how the Soviet Union, keen to hide evidence of life sustaining structures and frame the Germans would destroy it.

More importantly, the Germans did leave evidence of the number of dead at Treblinka Camp; they left remains of a few bodies and a small number of pits with partially cremated human remains in them. Although, they left the remains of less than 5,000 people. They did not leave any mass graves with tens of thousands of bodies in them, let alone the approximately one million alleged today, or the nearly 4 million alleged by Vasily Grossman.

Treblinka is a place where forensic investigations have uncovered the remains of less than 5,000 people. That is the basic fact regarding what “Treblinka was.” The rest of Treblinka “history” is merely a string of attempts at obfuscating this basic fact. The Caroline Colls fraudulent archaeological investigation and documentaries being prime examples.

“The Nazis had over a year to eradicate the traces of Treblinka. And the Soviets and Poles have done God-knows-what to that area since 1945. So the physical landscape as it exists now is worthless. “ —David Cole

Cole not need ask “God” what happened to all the physical evidence the Germans left…it was destroyed by the Soviets and Poles. However the Soviet investigation of 1944 and the Lukaszkiewicz Report from 1945 confirm the mass of physical evidence the Germans left – garbage pits, various small amounts of documents and records, and the few actual cremation pits and graves.

So contrary to what Cole wants to promote, the Treblinka 2 physical landscape is not only not worthless, but priceless. All the evidence in the world to acquit the Germans of mass gassing claims still lies under a few feet of ground at Treblinka 2.

Necessary locations for transit camps

Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor were located near the former Soviet-German demarcation line. Treblinka and Sobibor were located on the Western bank of the Bug River, a natural dividing line.

Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor were strategically located not in secret locations, but near or on the locations where travelers HAD to disembark and get on different trains due to Russian and Western rail gauges being different.

One can see Belzec and Malkinia mentioned below.

Rail gauge Soviet Union Germany

Today at similar locations, machinery picks up entire train cars and replaces the undercarriages with the appropriate gauge undercarriage.

These were in fact, necessary locations for transit camps, not random secret locations in hidden forests.

The fact that thousands upon thousands were transited through Treblinka after the alleged uprising destroyed the ability to “gas” Jews helps proves this. Why stop there at all if its sole purpose was to kill Jews, not transit them?


The “best” point Cole thinks he made against The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax was in fact already corrected almost three months ago by Germar Rudolf, which resulted in a second, shorter cut released May 13th, less than 2 days following its initial May 11th release, along with other small corrections.

Cole devotes a whopping 7 out of 12 paragraphs about me and The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax to debunking this already corrected mistake! In the process calling me a liar.

By doing this, solely seizing on an easily debunkable mistake, he ignores ALL of the hard-hitting, hoaxbusting points in the feature length video.

In the first cut I said “This is a report from September 1942, of the Joint Distribution Committee providing medical aid to 600,000 Polish-Jewish refugees in Asiatic Russia.” I also showed a newspaper article. The day of release, Germar Rudolf corrected this and pointed out that they were evacuated well before Treblinka was alleged to have been gassing Jews by the trainload.

It’s obvious these Polish Jews were evacuated by the Soviet Union. The mistake was a result of putting an old misidentified placeholder into an early draft, rushing to get the project out and not running it by other people. I had already released a video less than 2 months before releasing the Treblinka video, and felt it was worth it to rush the project out considering that Caroline Colls was running around bragging about finding mass graves and gas chambers. The correction was made and published two days later and was linked on all of my websites. I kept the older version up simply because the comment page was more active.

I have now removed the old version considering it is causing confusion, and this small mistake is distracting from the larger work.

I also mistakenly called the Mathausen swimming pool the Auschwitz swimming pool. Mistakes happen, especially due to my extremely limited time, budget and crew.

While that was an honest mistake, David Cole currently promotes the belief that at the same camp, Natzweiler, which had on display this phony “gas chamber” below – a mad German doctor was gassing Jews to collect their skulls!


Post liberation propaganda artists put a wooden stretcher inside a steam chamber used to delouse clothing. Courtesy – Winston Smith Ministry of Truth

Mass Graves

Cole spends some time “debunking” an already corrected mistake in version 1.0 of The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax while ignoring all of the most potent claims.

Treblinka without mass gaves for 900000 Jews

The most potent point is this:

If the largest mark in this above LIDAR / Ground Penetrating Radar scan of Treblinka 2 is the “old gas chamber” structure… where are all the mass graves for the alleged 900,000 Jews buried, dug back up, and reburied?

Samuel Willenberg Treblinka

Samuel Willenberg, claimed “only living survivor” of Treblinka 2

Surely there should be e n o r m o u s markings in the Ground penetrating radar to signify the giant mass graves as alleged in Willenberg’s hearsay based model below.

Willenbarg's Treblinka model

And in fact there would by necessity have to be huge remnants of mass graves at a site claimed to have murdered 10 times the capacity of the 90,000 seat Los Angeles Colliseum.

Los Angeles Coliseum

The Los Angeles Coliseum with 90,000 capacity

Ground penetrating radar can detect such enormous ground disturbances as Cole and Treblinka believers claim must exist, yet Caroline Sturdy Colls’ GPR / LIDAR radar shows no such thing.

Treblinka mass graves 9 stacked LA Coliseum stadiums

Caroline Colls’ Ground Penetrating Radar scan actually proves “deniers” right. In the “extermination camp” quadrant of the camp (in the lower right below) there simply are no markings signifying massive mass graves which could possibly have held 900,000 bodies. Other than some smaller “pock marks”, in fact the ground looks remarkably mostly UNdisturbed.

Treblinka without mass gaves for 900000 Jews

This hard evidence proves Cole has misinterpreted documents and his “code words” mean nothing when we now have undeniable proof that there are no massive ground disturbances signifying massive mass graves for the 900,000 alleged gassed, buried, dug back up, and reburied at Treblinka 2.

To clarify, there are certainly mass graves at Treblinka, mostly for those who died on the way to Treblinka. But nowhere near 900,000 could possibly have been buried in this remarkably mostly undisturbed ground.

While Cole says this physical evidence (or lack of evidence pointing to massive mass graves) is worthless, this is in fact the most important evidence, not misinterpreted documents, with added code words or speculation. The evidence is still there!

The New York accented “Chief Rabbi of Poland” refuses the complete excavation and exhumation of Treblinka that would would definitively destroy “The Holocaust” myth forever or destroy “Holocaust Denial.”

Rabbi Schudrich

Chief Rabbi of Poland refuses archaeological exhumation of alleged mass graves at Treblinka 2

The rabbi didn’t count on non-invasive LIDAR and GPR technology being able to see through the ground, exposing the Treblinka hoax.

Many Points Ignored by Cole

Cole felt confident enough to seize upon one mistake in the 1.0 version of the video yet ignored an hour and twenty minutes of presenting both some of the collective knowledge of the Revisionist movement regarding Treblinka as well as some new points, witnesses, and evidence.

Here are a few of the points he declined to address :

“It’s sole purpose was to kill Jews” 5:53 A point echoed by Arad, Black, and Caroline Sturdy Colls. Already proven wrong by the Shoah Foundation testimony, among other sources. Cole admits to “thousands” transited through Treblinka, Sobibor, etc. Access to Yad Vashem, Red Cross Bad Arolsen archives, or the German reparations fund information would continue to prove tens upon tens of thousands were transited through these camps.

What was so important about these Shoah Foundation Treblinka transitees, including a young girl and her mother, to see the inside of an extermination camp whose “sole purpose was to kill Jews”? Arad and Black know it’s embarrassing to point out the evidence that thousands of Jews were transited through these camps, including completely un-skilled female children. That’s why although there are reports of thousands transited through these camps, they don’t mention it.

Eyewitnesses and records suggest that up to 900,000 people were murdered by the Nazis in 13 gas chambers at Treblinka 2 7:56

How reliable are these “eyewitnesses?” The same Treblinka eyewitnesses that sentenced innocent John Demanjuk to death as being “Ivan the Terrible of Treblinka?” Or Kurt Gerstein who claimed diesel was used at Treblinka? Or Eichmann, who claimed a captured Soviet submarine engine was used to gas almost a million Jews at Treblinka, when the Germans never captured a Soviet submarine?

The Demanjuk trial exposed Jewish Treblinka gassing, mass murder “witnesses” such as Eliyahu Rosenberg as vindictive Jewish supremacist liars. These “Treblinka survivors” not only didn’t care if Demanjuk was really “Ivan the Terrible”, but deliberately lied in order to extract revenge. “He’s a Ukrainian goyim, it doesn’t matter if Rosenberg reported “Ivan” killed in the uprising decades earlier, kill him…”

Deliberate hoaxers such as Auschwitz-Birkenau gas chamber escapee “Eyewitness” Irene Zisblatt show Jewish survivors who were kept alive by the Germans with the desire to extract revenge through creating entire fantasies about their experiences.

Feel free to compare any Treblinka mass gassing eyewitness to my Shoah Foundation Treblinka transit witnesses, who tell a much more believable story.

Please David, we need diagrams of these thirteen , count em, thirteen Treblinka 2 “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms.”

Willenberg 8:15 Willenberg repeats the “death factory” story, often repeated about Majdanek and Auschwitz, which Cole denies were death factories. Willenberg never saw the inside of the alleged “death factory” area and his model is based on hearsay.


According to the LIDAR / GPS scans, there are no ground disturbances consistent with 875,000 bodies buried at Treblinka 2.

Treblinka mass graves scam

Excavators 15:50

Are these photographs of excavators “digging mass graves” or operating at the gravel quarry?

Treblinka 1 / Swimming Pool 16:15

Contrary to Cole’s claims of the video providing nothing new, there existed no properly labelled image or video of the Treblinka 1 swimming pool on the internet or elsewhere that I’m aware of before this video.

This is in direct contrast to the Caroline Colls cited H.E.A.R.T. which even today mislabels a Treblinka 1 food storage cellar as the swimming pool.

Even many Revisionists who visited the camps often never saw it, it’s obscured by trees on all sides. Those that may have didn’t understand its significance, as it is deliberately not labelled by museum administration. Why would museum staff label such an embarassment to the extermination narrative? People might experience cognitive dissonance and question the larger story.

David Cole interviewed Ernst Zundel at the Auschwitz swimming pool. In fact I used footage Cole took of the Auschwitz swimming pool. David thought recreational swimming pools in alleged extermination centers are quite significant and run contrary to the orthodox story and I agree!

Majdanek 18:46

Caroline Colls believes the Majdanek Bath and Disinfection 1 facility was used to murder Jews, when David Cole knows full well it was used to keep them alive and free of disease.

Why doesn’t Cole realize they got the gas chambers / shower room story at Majdanek wrong, and similarly got Treblinka wrong too?

The bodies of 900,000 people believed murdered at Treblinka have never been found 35:15

Revisionists have an answer for this – they weren’t murdered there, and some are still alive to this day.

Vasily Grossman / Soviet propaganda 35:23 – 38:09

“What we do know about Treblinka 2 comes from a handful of eyewitnesses”

How accurate are those eyewitnesses and are they as biased as the Auschwitz sonderkomando witnesses David Cole claims are pathological liars, lying about dragging dead Jews from gas chambers to crematory ovens? Are they deliberately lying?

Vasily Grossman was a Jewish fiction writer, who created propaganda for the Soviet Union. A narrator reads his atrocity poetry from “The Hell of Treblinka”. This is disseminated as unquestionable truth today.

Were 3.9 milion Jews also killed at Treblinka as according to Grossman’s submission to Nuremberg?

David Cole knows full well Grossman’s impossibly large, camp-spanning cremation pits, 250 x 300 meters long don’t exist, and they never existed.

Mass graves Treblinka, Caroline Colls

Treblinka electrocution , steam , diesel, petrol chambers and these massive pits have their origin in wartime atrocity fiction. They have no place in reality, German documents or eyewitnesses, just the imaginative minds of psychological warfare hoaxers such as Grossman.

The job of the exterminationists and David Cole is to make the original impossible story believable for modern audiences and pretend it has its basis in science, German code words and truthful eyewitnesses.

Jews themselves dump recently cremated ashes at Treblinka 38:40

“If you actually find a mass grave you have to stop. It’s simple. 41:50

The Chief Rabbi of Poland is impeding a true and complete investigation of Treblinka.

The Polish government can overrule him and should.

It took just 20 minutes to kill 5,000 people 43:03

Just another impossibility which can be further proven by a detailed diagram of the alleged 13 gas chambers.

The archaeologists dig, find nothing but fossilized shark teeth 43 m 24 s

The archaeologists chose to dig in areas which showed ground disturbances.

They found nothing but fossilized shark teeth. Shouldn’t they also be able to find 25 million 200,000 Jewish teeth buried at Treblinka?

900,000 Cremated remains are still there!

This is the single largest mass burial site in the entire world and the evidence is still there. The cremated remains of 900,000 should be able to be exhumed and cataloged.

Steam Chambers, ever-changing murder weapons 47:19

Ever-changing murder weapons have their origin in wartime atrocity fiction.

Electrified floors?

Steam chambers with trap doors? Submarine engines?

Diesel engines?

Due to engineer Friedrich Berg’s tireless work, proving the wild inefficiency of diesel for mass murder, many exterminationists are quietly and reluctantly abandoning claims of diesel gassing at Treblinka.

Deborah Listpadt’s webmaster didn’t get the memo, however.

Abraham Zrzepicki describes a shower room reinforced for air raids 56m

Samuel Crowell points out that throughout the German camp system buildings were reinforced for air raids at the same time the alleged Treblinka gas chambers were built.

Zrzepicki describes a single shower room reinforced for air raids, located near a well.

This was a likely shower room just like the one Cole was in at Majdanek that is fraudulently alleged to have been used to murder inmates.

And Zrzepicki describes ONE room not 13 chambers…

Within 8-10 minutes of arriving at Treblinka they’d be dead, they’d be killed in the gas chambers for the women, 15 minutes because they had to have further humiliation, they had to have their heads shaved before they took that walk into the gas chambers themselves. 58:45

1- Impossible “gassing” times.

2 – Was utilizing inmate hair for industrial purposes worth stopping the factory of death? Was the hair that important? Or was inmate hair cut to keep deadly typhus carrying lice from finding a place to bury in, infect, and kill Jewish inmates?

Gas Chambers disguised as shower rooms 59:40

What was the purpose of disguising a gas chamber as a shower room when mad sadists such as Ivan the Terrible were allegedly cutting women’s breasts off with swords forcing them into the “gas chamber disguised as a shower room” we’re told was designed to soothe and trick the Jews into complacency?

We know the Dachau “Gas chamber disguised as a shower room” is a deliberate hoax. We know at Majdanek there is no “gas chamber disguised as a shower room”, but separate gas chambers for delousing inmate clothing and a shower room.

What is the purpose of terra cotta tiles in a gas chamber? Designing a gas chamber with terra cotta tile flooring. It’s just stupid. A real shower room? Par for the course.

Caroline Colls covered up the area which could reveal foundation similar to those found at Treblinka 1. There may be a complete foundation, including divisions signifying different rooms.

The Nazis couldn’t hide all traces of their crimes, but we can! 1:06:50

Zionist Archaeologists cover up the site of the alleged biggest weapon of mass destruction in human history.

Animal Burial site shows up on Colls GPR radar. 1:09:19

Again in contrast to David Coles’ claim that the video adds nothing new, I was able to show a burial site between Treblinka 1 and 2 which has exposed animal remains and excavator markings. It even shows up on Colls’ own radar. Mass graves Treblinka, Caroline Colls

A complete archaeological investigation should find scenes like this, but thousands of times bigger at the alleged Treblinka 2 site, with tons of cremated human remains and massive ground disturbances.

Treblinka animal remains

The disturbances at this animal burial site are bigger than anything showing up on the radar at Treblinka 2. There are more animal bones here than alleged human bones Colls found in the entirety of Treblinka 2.

Jewish Billionaire Media Domination and Control

A sore point David Cole, a Jewish Los Angeles based Holocaust promoting filmmaker himself, wouldn’t want to point out is that Jewish Billionaires, whether Murray Rothstein or Steven Spielberg are behind the Holocaust promotion campaign and the primary reason it’s believed.

Zionist Jewish media domination, combined with their ability to manipulate politicians via their propaganda such as Treblinka: Hitler’s Killing Machine and The Last Days (shown in the US Congress) is the main reason the “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” myth persists today. Not science. Not archaeological investigations which uncovered the remains of less than 5,000 people. Not code words in German documents.

This, combined with their campaign to destroy the lives of those who deny their myths, of course.

However the days of Jewish media domination via newspapers and old media are dying and educated people aren’t buying 70 year old atrocity propaganda anymore.

Independent, extremely low budget videos like The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax, although not as slick as the Zionist Billionaire funded propaganda pieces, will go a long way to fight the hoax.

Secret Death Camps?

There was nothing secret about Treblinka 2’s location. It’s located a short walk from the Treblinka 1 labor camp where inmates were periodically released after serving their sentences. The railway to the Treblinka gravel pit constantly passed by Treblinka 2.

Belzec was located on a main passenger rail line where civilians could simply look out the train window into it as they passed by.

Equal Gas Distribution

David, what was the mechanism used to equally distribute the exhaust from the Soviet steam / diesel / petrol / whatever engine into the 10 / 13 / whatever amount of gas chambers?

Treblinka Holocaust believers / promoters such as David Cole like to keep things as vague as possible. Details don’t matter, the Jews just all disappeared, right?

I think this is why Faurisson’s “Show me or draw me a Nazi Gas chamber” meme is important. Mocked by Cole, but he still doesn’t seem able to do it.

Please, David, show us diagrams of the 13, count em, thirteen alleged Treblinka gas chambers and how they worked.

Little Boy
Little Boy description

The atomic bomb Little Boy killed 66,000 Japanese in Hiroshima. We know how it worked and can reproduce diagrams on its function.

So please produce similar diagrams showing how the Treblinka gas chambers actually functioned, which you claim were 14 times more deadly than this atomic bomb and were responsible for the murder of 900,000 Jews.

Because these Treblinka shower-rooms-disguised-as-gas-chambers are the most successful weapons of mass destruction in human history, surely David Cole can produce a diagram so we can learn how such a horrible creation actually worked.

Cole seems to assume that simply hooking up engines and exhaust pipes to these “gas chambers” is a surefire way to murder 900,000 Jews, but he “overlooks” more than a few things.

One of the most important problems with the story is that we’re told the Jews were loaded in different “chambers” and gas was pumped in which resulted in their death.

My friend and colleague, Columbia educated Engineer Friedrich Paul Berg will gladly examine the Treblinka gas chamber diagrams surely to be produced by Cole and examine the mechanism used to equally distribute the exhaust from the captured Soviet petrol engine to the multiple chambers. Because obviously an equal or similar amount of deadly exhaust would have to be pumped into each room, there must be some mechanism to do this.

Many “Holocaust” promoters have seemed to finally reluctantly agree that diesel gassings were impossibly inefficient thanks to Berg’s tireless promotion of this fact. I’m sure Mr. Berg be able to verify the ability of such equipment to equally distribute the “gas” into the 10, 13, or whatever different chambers.

But that’s only one of the many problems with the story that isn’t even mentioned in The Treblinka Archaeology Hoax.

According to Cole, Auschwitz and Majdanek had no homicidal gas chambers but Treblinka had REAL gas chambers!

Cole apparently seems to say that at Auschwitz and Majdanek the physical evidence acquits the Germans of mass gassing claims. Yet he claims that although the Auschwitz and Majdanek narratives were / are completely wrong, this can’t possibly also be the case with locations such as Treblinka. As we saw in the Treblinka : Inside Hitler’s Secret Death Camp documentary, Caroline Sturdy Colls filmed from inside the shower room of Majdanek Bath and Disinfection 1, applying homicidal intent to a facility designed to shower inmates and delouse their clothing in order to keep them alive. David Cole was inside this complex and thoroughly pointed out most of the holes in the Majdanek story.

Majdanek, Bath & Disinfection building #1

“Holocaust Deniers” as Cole want to call us claim that that the Majdanek Bath and Disinfection 1 complex was just that, and was in fact life saving. We believe this evidence – that Majdanek’s “gas chamber” facility was a life saving bath and disinfection complex – a mirror opposite of the propaganda claims – adds to the proof that Treblinka “gas chambers” are similarly misidentified.

If Cole believes a life saving Bath and Disinfection complex is misidentified as a homicidal gas chamber, why is it so outrageous for him to think we question and even deny the Treblinka “gas chambers”? Since Cole knows the original Soviet Majdanek death toll of 1.5 million was justifiably reduced to around 60,000 today, why does he think it’s so outrageous for a similar revision of original propaganda death tolls to happen at Treblinka?

Cole wants to dismiss the large amount of Jews transited through Treblinka, Sobibor

David wants to dismiss the Shoah Foundation Treblinka / Sobibor transitee witnesses as “nothing new.”

Maybe David didn’t watch “The Jewish Gas Chamber Hoax” which brings up some other problems with Treblinka. Primarily eyewitness description of corpse color, diesel gassings.

The video also points out that to two of the top “Holocaust” authorities (promoters) in the world – Yitzak Arad and Peter Black, these miracle “survivors” certainly are “something new.”

Yitzak Arad on Treblinka

Peter Black, USHMM

Click to enlarge

Zelda Gordon


Why was Zelda Gordon, an unskilled female child, so important that she was plucked from inside a Treblinka “Gas chamber” to be transited through Treblinka, this “pure extermination camp” to other camps to kvetch to all the yentas in Poland about this top secret “extermination center”? Of course it’s absurd, which is why Arad and Black push the “pure extermination camp” myth.

There are reported cases of hundreds, and even thousands at a time being transited through Treblinka and Sobibor. Just because there is a lack of information from more of these Jews doesn’t mean they were gassed at these sites. Just because we can’t track every person allegedly sent there doesn’t mean they were gassed and buried at these sites.

Cole’s own experience reuniting separated “Holocaust survivor” brothers, each assuming the other was exterminated, after appearing on the Montel show should have taught him that by now.

Although no doubt tens of thousands died after being transited Eastward, there must be thousands of Treblinka and Sobibor transitees still alive even today.

This can be verified through archives which are unfortunately closed to Revisionists. If Cole can get me complete access to the German reparations payment fund, the Red Cross Bad Arolsen archives, or Yad Vashem I can continue to show more Jews transited through Treblinka and Sobibor.

And of course the lack of mass graves proves the official story can’t possibly be true. The orthodox line is to minimize the Jews we know were transited through the camp, so why would they bother looking for more?

The Holocaust Industry claims there are a ridiculously small amount of “survivors.” You can find hundreds of pages and even entire documentaries devoted to spreading this lie. “Only two survivors remain from Nazi camp Treblinka.” is a popular mainstream Holocaust promotion lie. This is blown away by the Shoah foundation testimonies of Jews describing being transited with up to 500 at a time through Treblinka. And there are thousands of similar stories to be found if one has access to and cares to look in the right places.

Of course these Shoah Foundation testimonies are only of American Jews. Several “Treblinka” survivors live in Beverly Hills. Cole can put on his yarmulke and go to any Beverly Hills synagogue, ask around and find some of those related to these Treblinka Survivors / Beverly Hills residents such as Fred Kort, Zelda Gordon and more!

But for those sent East, one would have to look to the Soviet Union’s records. Unfortunately, Russia recently criminalized “Holocaust Denial”.

The Shoah Foundation Jews describe being transited through Treblinka to other camps. These camps are also mentioned by Pohl in his report to Himmler. Were they also part of Operation Reinhardt?

  1. On the 10/22/19/43 SS Obergruppenfuehrer Pohl announced that he had ordered taking over of the following Working Camps by Amtsgruppe D: (1) Old Airport Lublin (2) SS Working Camp Trawniki (3) SS Working Camp Poniatowa (4) Forced Labor Camp and SS Workshops in Radom (5) Forced Labor Camp and SS Workshops in Budzyn (6) Main Camp Cracow Placzow (7) German Equipment Works, Lublin (8) Armament stores in Lemberg.

Pohl, Aktion Reinhardt, Globocnik Report, Himmler Reply

Operation Reinhard(t)

The “Operation Reinhard Death Camps” story is a false narrative created primarily by Jewish political science major Raul Hilberg and Jewish Zionist war criminal Yitzak Arad.

Operation Reinhardt with a T at the end was an SS program to utilize Jewish labor, confiscate and redistribute Jewish wealth in order to fund the SS and was named after Fritz Reinhardt, state secretary in the German finance ministry of the Third Reich. There is zero proof it was named after Reinhard Heydrich, in order to kill 2 million in revenge for his assassination. There are no overt references whatsoever to mass extermination connected with Operation Reinhardt in German documents. There are several references to economic plunder of property and expulsion in connection with Operation Reinhardt.

Samuel Crowell sought to educate David Irving on Operation Reinhardt. Cole would benefit from reading the following multiple times.

Aktion Reinhardt, Globocnik Report, Himmler Reply

The entire Action Reinhardt is divided into four spheres: A. The expulsion itself. B. The employment of labour. C. The exploitation of property. D. Seizure of hidden goods and landed property.

—Odilo Globocnik, alleged head of “Operation Reinhardt”

It’s Globocnik telling in plain language what Operation Reinhardt was. What does Cole want to do with this?

Cole needs to add more “code words” “expulsion” meaning 2 million gassed, buried, dug back up, and reburied, right?

Not Just Four “Extermination Centers”

1) In a piece on Inconvenient History, Jűrgen Graf attacked David Irving for his belief that mass murders occurred at the Reinhardt camps. Graf’s position is 100% dependant (sic) on the idea that if the Nazis did have four secret murder camps, the Nazi higher-ups would have been blabbing about them left-and-right to every underling and bureaucratic cog.

—David Cole

We’re told by the exterminationists that the four “Operation Reinhard death camps” were Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and Chelmno.

The “discovery” of the Höfle telegram added another camp – L, alleged to be Lublin-Majdanek. We know this wasn’t a pure extermination camp and in fact David Cole denies anyone was gassed at Majdanek whatsoever. So there you have an “Operation Reinhardt” camp mentioned alongside “T,B,S” which we know tens of thousands were subsequently deported from.

Alright, so now there are 5 Operation Reinhardt camps…

However below we can see Birkenau is specifically mentioned by Pohl as “Station 2 of Action Reinhardt”

On Pohl’s visit to Birkenau on September 23, 1942 he refers to visiting “Station 2 der Aktion Reinardt”

Pohl on Aktion Reinhardt at Birkenau

So that makes “6 Operation Reinhardt” camps now…

NOT the four claimed by Cole and exterminationists. And there are many more. Treblinka wasn’t in Lublin district, Birkenau too. Chelmno also.

Operation Reinhardt must have been a camp network wide system for the plunder of Jewish wealth, evacuation, and utilization of their labor, not four “extermination centers” as parroted by Cole.

The Höfle Telegram

David Cole points to two documents for proof approximately 2 million Jews were gassed, buried, dug back up and reburied at Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and Chelmno.

He claims that even in top secret documents, “code words” were used to describe extermination rather than evacuation.

Both the Höfle Telegram and the Korherr report have “mistakes” that exterminationists “correct” in order to fit their conspiracy theory. According to exterminationists, the Höfle telegram has a typo, as the numbers don’t add up properly without adding a number to the “T” figure.

The Höfle Telegram was discovered in British archives in 2000. Researchers were confused and surprised when L, alleged to be Lublin Majdanek, was mentioned. Previously, the big four “pure extermination camps” Belzec, Sobibor, Chelmno, and Treblinka, were the only camps previously known as part of Operation Reinhard, labelled by fugitive Israeli war criminal Yitzak Arad as the “Operation Reinhard Death Camps.”

Cole and exterminationists claim this report of arrivals to places labelled as L,B,S, and T proves that more than a million Jews were gassed at Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka by the beginning of 1943. But it’s just a list of arrivals.

Höfle telegram

According to Cole, no Jews were gassed at Majdanek, but at the other 3, almost all were!

But there is no need for speculation or code words or misinterpretations of documents “discovered” in archives 14 years ago when the physical evidence proves the murder of almost 2 million Jews in 4 camps to have never happened.

Treblinka without mass gaves for 900000 Jews

If the amount claimed in the Höfle telegram is authentic, and this amount did arrive at Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor, and Majdanek, evidence shows almost all of these amounts also departed these camps, too.

Just like at L for Lublin-Majdanek, David!

Similarly, Hoess in his formerly classified Nuremberg interrogation claims approximately 942,000 Jews arrived at Auschwitz total. Cole knows hundreds of thousands were transited through Auschwitz-Birkenau, which operated as an evacuation camp. (Now also proven to be part of Operation Reinhardt) Would he point to Auschwitz arrival figures as proof almost everyone sent there was killed too? Because that’s what’s he’s claiming about Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor via the Höfle telegram.

The Korherr Report

The Korherr report is a report commissioned by Himmler on Jewish evacuation and emigration written by statistician Dr Richard Korherr. The most relevant section is translated below –


All evacuations on the territory of the Reich and including the eastern territories and further in the German area of power and influence in Europe from October 1939 or later until 31.12.1942 resulted in the following numbers:

1. Evacuation of Jews from Baden
and the Palatinate to France ……. 6 504 Jews
2. Evacuation of Jews from the Reich
territory incl. the Protectorate and
Bialystok district to the East…… 170 642 “
3. Evacuation of Jews from the Reich
area and the Protectorate
to Theresienstadt…………….. 87 193
4. Transportation of Jews from the
eastern provinces to the Russian
East: ………………………. 1 449 692 “
The following numbers were sifted
through the camps in the General
government …………. …….. 1 274 166 Jews
through the camps in the Warthegau….. 145 301 Jews
5. Evacuation from other
countries, namely:
France (insofar as occupied
before 10.11.1942 )…………… 41 911 Jews
Netherlands…………………… 38 571 “
Belgium………………………. 16 886 “
Norway ……………………… 532 “

Slovakia…………….. 56 691 Jews
Crotia ……………. 4 927 “

Evacuations total(incl.
Theresienstadt and incl.
special treatment)……….. 1 873 549 Jews
w./o Theresienstadt………. 1 786 356 “

6. In addition, according to data from
the Reichssicherheitshauptamt
there is the evacuation of… 633 300 Jews
in the Russian territories
incl. the former Baltic
countries since the beginning of the
Eastern Campaign.

The above numbers do not include the inmates of ghettoes and concentration camps.

Does Cole deny Jews were sent East through the General Government or Warthegau? Where were the Jews we know where sent East to places such as Minsk, Pinsk, Baltic countries etc., transited through if not through these districts, David?

The term used by Korherr, translated as “dragged through” or “sifted through” was used even after the war.

The below document is certifying in 1946 that Jew Heinz Rosenberg was sent from Hamburg to Minsk, then back, according to him, through Treblinka (but might be Trawniki) He had to have gone through the General Government or Warthegau districts in order to get from Hamburg to Minsk.

Heinz Rosenberg Treblinka Minsk transit

Similar wording “dragged through” is used. Heinz Rosenberg “survived” being transited East and back again and was not “gassed.”

Exterminationists want you to believe this “dragged through” term in this secret report to Himmler secretly means “exterminated”. This despite the Korherr report overtly reporting deaths in concentration camps and

Up to the beginning of 1943 exterminationists claim the Korherr report proves 1,274,166 were gassed at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor (in the General Government district). In addition they allege this document proves 145,301 Jews were gassed at Chelmno, in the Warthegau district.

From the original German –

4. Transportierung von Juden aus den
Ostprovinzen nach dem russischen
Osten: ……………………… 1 449 692 "
Es wurden durchgeschleust
durch die Lager im General-
gouvernement………………… 1 274 166 Juden
durch die Lager im Warthegau… 145 301 Juden

The following is a deliberate mis-translation of Korherr from hoaxer organization H.E.A.R.T., often cited by Caroline Sturdy Colls.

4 Transportation of the Jews from the Eastern Provinces to the Russian East 1449692
Number passed through the camps in the General Government 1274166
Through the camp at Warthegau 145301

However in the original German, the plural “die” is used rather than singular “das”. This means Korherr is referencing more than one camp in the Warthegau district. Many camps. We are told that the section “durch die Lager im Warthegau” means Chelmno, however that can only be arrived at through a deliberate mistranslation.

So the exterminationists need to deliberately mistranslate this section in order to fit the “Four extermination centers” of Chelmno, Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor narrative.

So not only do exterminations want to point to this section of Korherr and claim it uses code words to describe extermination, they also have to deliberately mistranslate it to fit their false mass-gassing-in-four-extermination-centers narrative.

Here’s Cole’s “Holocaust denial destroying” point -

Korherr makes it clear that the Jews “processed through the camps in the General Government” were NOT, following the processing, “inmates of ghettos and concentration camps.” Transit camp theory, RIP. —David Cole

This is just nonsensical as this would apply to every single group mention in section V, not just number 4. The preceding number 3 even describes Jews sent to Theresienstadt, a ghetto / camp.

3. Evacuation of Jews from the Reich
area and the Protectorate
to Theresienstadt…………….. 87 193

Korherr is simply reporting the amount evacuated, in the following sections he describes those currently in a partial list of ghettos and camps west of modern Lviv.

Cole is by extension also claiming that Korherr himself knew these Jews processed through the camps in the General Government and Warthegua were exterminated and not sent elsewhere.

In the following sections VI and VII, Korherr writes nothing specific about the camps or ghettos East of current Lviv or even Bialystok and explains multiple times the difficulty and in fact impossibility of counting those in the occupied Eastern Territories.

The newly acquired Eastern Territories (except for Danzig) are not included in the statistics. These figures cannot be calculated.

In addition, how it was impossible to calculate figures of Soviet Russian Jews in this area –

Moreover, it was not possible to count all of the deaths of the Soviet Russian Jews in the occupied Eastern Territories while those in the remaining European part of Russia and on the front have not been included at all.

And another about the difficulties of compiling statistics in the Eastern territories

We have faced almost insurmountable difficulties in the compilation of accurate statistics regarding the Jewish population and its movements in the Eastern Territories since the beginning of the Second World War, which set uncontrollable masses of Jews in movement.

And another

The figure for emigration and excess mortality (the turmoil of war!) in the Eastern Territories and the General Government cannot be checked.

Korherr’s information is vague and incomplete concerning the Eastern territories. He writes nothing to do with where these Jews went “following processing” because according to him, it wasn’t possible to! He writes nothing in sections VI or VII about the large Minsk, Bialystok, Vilna ghettos. We know there were tens of thousands of Jews at these camps. Just because he doesn’t write about them, doesn’t mean the Jews didn’t exist, or disappeared into gas chambers disguised as shower rooms like Cole wants to claim.

In section VI, Korherr writes about “the Jews in the Ghettos”. However, this is clearly incomplete, as no ghettos further East than Lviv are mentioned at all. Bialystok, Baltic states, too, no mentions of the known ghettos in the area the Jews transited East were likely to wind up.

Does this mean the Minsk ghetto didn’t exist or have thousands of Jews transited to it because Korherr didn’t specifically write about it in section VI? According to Cole this does. Because section VI and VII, according to Cole, was supposed to mention where all the Jews transited through the General Government and Warthegau went, and doesn’t mention much information at all about the Eastern territories, Cole wants to jump to the conclusion that they were all exterminated in gas chambers.

So Cole, this doesn’t mean the Jews transited through the General Gouvernment and Warthegau were subsequently NOT “inmates of ghettoes and concentration camps”, but gassed, they just weren’t all currently inmates of the partial list of ghettos and concentration camps mentioned in section VI and VII of Korherr which he was transitioning to at the end of section V .

Korherr gives no report of any camps or ghettos East of Lviv in section VI and VII. So the Korherr report is simply not a comprehensive report by his own admission.

So David, this means the statistician’s report, which essentially stops with detailed figures of ghettos and camps East of modern Lviv, even though we know hundreds or even thousands of ghettos and concentration camps were located Northeast, East, and Southeast of the Bug River, is worthless to prove mass extermination at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor.

Where did the Jews go after being transited through the General Government and Warthegua districts? Likely to one of the recently admitted whopping 42,500 camps and ghettos, not the 7,000 previously thought.

WWII Jewish Ghettos in Eastern Europe

Because Korherr didn’t have or write any detailed information about the Jewish population of specific ghettos and concentration camps East of modern Lviv, Cole and the exterminationists claim this is proof the Jews were gassed at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor. Really!

In addition This quote from Korherr shows the Nazis went out of their way to transport elderly Jews to Theresienstadt (not gas them) at the same time we’re told these “evacuated Jews” (code words!) were gassed.

Between January 1 1943 and March 3 1943 113,015 Jews were evacuated from the Reich including Bohemia and Moravia, the new Eastern Territories and the district of Bialystok to the East and 8,025 Jews were moved to the Ghetto for the Aged in Theresienstadt.

Cole and David Irving

David Irving said at Treblinka that Jews at Treblinka weren’t gassed, they were machine gunned into large pits.

Irving says there can be no doubt at all, but he has zero evidence to support this. Is he being sarcastic?

Cole is claiming that Irving is a “real Revisionist” and those who deny Treblinka had gas chambers or pits for 900,000 machine gunned Jews are horrible “deniers.” Cole is smarter than this, so what is his game?

Many Revisionists know that Irving is playing word games to avoid being thrown in prison again, but what’s Cole’s excuse? Cole himself doesn’t believe 900,000 Jews were machine gunned into pits at Treblinka, so what is his angle? I would say that someone who claims 900,000 Jews were machine gunned into pits at Treblinka, although there are 900,000 missing bodies, bullets and bullet casings was a “Holocaust historian” spreading untruths and impossibilities, not a “real Revisionist.”

I believe Irving is muddling his claims in order to stay out of prison and to have a better public perception of him. After all, a “Holocaust Denier” is the most persecuted person on the planet, who could be thrown into a “Western” prison simply for expressing one’s conclusions. Their livelihood will be destroyed, they will lose friends and support of their family. Both Davids know this and have experienced it.

By separating himself from “deniers” Cole attempts to elevate himself in the eyes of society. But like Irving, he just confuses people by mixing historical truth with Holocaust fantasy.

David Cole’s conversion from a “Revisionist” to a Treblinka / “Reinhard” believer / promoter is akin to Richard Dawkins becoming a Mormon. It’s just not entirely believable. One can’t really go back after seeing the other side, especially after enduring the scorn, hate, and misery directed at us.

If Cole’s claiming he won’t apologize for his past work because all areas of study should be open to question and investigation, the invective he writes towards “deniers” is a bit counter-intuitive. How someone who was and is as maligned as him can now say and write such similarly despicable things about Faurisson, Leuchter, Smith, and “deniers” is impossible for me to wrap my head around.

Perhaps in order to mitigate damage in his own personal and professional life, he is attempting to separate himself from the despicable “deniers” with his nuanced gas chamber shuffle.

How someone who believes the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek gas chambers are propaganda fiction yet unquestionably believes the same line about Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor is something remarkable, and is not believable to me, at all.

I just don’t believe David Cole. I don’t believe he 100% believes the Treblinka story and thinks a full scale archaeological investigation and exhumation of Treblinka would result in discovering the remains of nearly 900,000 Jews. It’s impossible for someone to have been persecuted as much as he was – for knowing an inconvenient truth, not to know that it is entirely possible that those who are so wrong about Auschwitz might also be wrong about Treblinka.

“So what’s a knowledgeable but disgraced Holocaust revisionist to do? Play both sides. And make some decent scratch. I created two pseudonyms – one to sell books and videos to Holocaust studies departments around the world, and one to sell books and videos to revisionists.” —David Cole, Republican Party Animal

Chapters 7-8 as reported by Friedrich Töben

Cole bragged in his own book that he was “playing both sides.” And I feel he is continuing that to this day, by promoting the “Operation Reinhard death camp” narrative while denying the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek gas chambers. It’s half a holocaust. Halfocaust. Promote half (Auschwitz and Majdanek gas chamber denial) to the Revisionists and hope the believers don’t mind, and sell the other half (bashing Revisionists and affirming the “Operation Reinhard Death Camp Narrative”) to the believers.

What I really am surprised at is the viciousness he goes after Faurisson, Leuchter, and “deniers”.

If he actually believes in Treblinka, Belzec, Sobibor electruction / steam / diesel / petrol gassings fine, but I’d think he wouldn’t be so quick to attack Treblinka “deniers” and would support further investigation.

I would consider a statement such as the following reasonable -

“I, David Cole, extensively researched the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek concentration camps and found that there were no homicidal gas chambers as alleged at these sites. Although, I do believe approximately 2 million Jews were gassed at Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno, and Belzec.

However, due to my experience with the Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek “gas chambers” being based not in reality but in propaganda, testimony from Germans extracted via torture, and fraudulent eyewitnesses, I justifiably have doubts about the official Treblinka narrative and support a complete archaeological excavation and cataloged exhumation of human remains at the Treblinka 2 site. After all, the Auschwitz gas chamber story isn’t true, and we know Majdanek witnesses confused showers with gas chambers…

So it is possible the rooms at Treblinka that inmates hair was cut before entering were actually life saving shower rooms, just like the Bath and Disinfection 1 complex at Majdanek where a similar process is alleged. However, today I believe 900,000 Jews were gassed at Treblinka, but as I said, support a complete excavation due to my experiences with fraudulent Auschwitz and Majdanek claims.”

Of course there are dozens more reasons why the “Operation Reinhard Death Camp” narrative is impossible. The documentary “One Third of the Holocaust” by Denierbud has never been addressed by Cole and covers many, many more of these impossibilities. IF Cole is claiming to be a scholar, he can address the points in that video too, rather than knocking my entire presentation based on one mistake already revised months ago or all of Revisionism’s Treblinka claims based on his twisting of the Korherr report.

Overall, I don’t believe David Cole actually believes the absurd Natzweiler gassing claims or the Treblinka gassing claims.

Should we believe Cole before the death threats drove him underground or Irving before spending a year and a half in an Austrian prison cell? Or both of them afterwards? I choose to believe the David Cole who openly brags that he’s playing both sides.

David Cole believes every Auschwitz “Sonderkommando” is a complete pathological liar… Yet believes Samuel Willenberg, Eliyahu Rosenberg, and the Treblinka cast of liars?

I just don’t buy it.

Cole believes no one was gassed at Auschwitz or Majdanek, but they were at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor.

He is the only person in the entire world to proclaim such a belief.

The “homicidal mass gas chamber” claims, ALL of them, have no basis in reality. Not at Auschwitz-Birkenau, not at Majdanek, and there were no “Thirteen gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” at Treblinka either.

The homicidal gas chamber myth was created and persists due to camp rumors, the high death toll of Jews, an honest confusion of the separate shower and clothing delousing process, eyewitness lies, torture of captured Germans, deliberate Allied de-Nazification psychological warfare, and people actually believing the homicidal gas chamber claims to be true.

Like electrified floors, steam chambers, Belgian babies being bayoneted, soap, lampshades, Kuwaiti incubators, the “gas chambers disguised as shower rooms” wartime atrocity hoax needs to be thrown in the trash can of history.

Cole deserves the insults being thrown at him for disrespecting and backstabbing Revisionism and Revisionist heroes such as Leuchter, Faurisson, and Smith, but I won’t join in it myself.

The biggest insult David Cole can ever experience is having to defend his World Jewish Congress predecessors’ ridiculous propaganda in public with a straight face as the Internet age exposes the absurd and impossible “Holocaust” propaganda coup.

Electrocution at Belzec camp

David Cole has responded to this in a separate article, which was discussed in the comment section of it as well as in a discussion thread of the CODOH Forum.

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