Invisible, Inaudible—When They Win

Published: 2016-08-28

I posted a comment to an article on the Internet. My comment expressed doubts about the regnant narrative of the Holocaust. It was not a Jewish site that carried the article, nor was it Stormfront or any other site of that ilk. It was, in fact,, which stands for American Council on Science and Health—ostensibly a site dedicated not only to science, but to (someone’s) health.

The article, quite a good one, as far as it went, was titled “Political Correctness Prevents Advance of Science,” by Alex Berezow, who is limned by his supporters as being “courageous” in expressing such notions. I fielded a comment noting that history(ical science) suffers from political correctness even more than nonhistorical subjects do, to-wit:

All this goes double for history – say, the Holocaust. Here, as at other points in history, (forensic) science intersects with pure hearsay (which much of history is) and refutes the traditional narrative.

But, as in the cases in science mentioned, you can’t go there.

This comment, a veritable intellectual may-fly, lived 1 day and 22 hours before it was deleted. Interestingly, unlike some other comments of similar sentiment on other sites, it attracted no actual replies. Just … censorship. OK – maybe it was off-topic. But political correctness? History? The comment itself referred to forensic science, which is the heart of most revisionism.

The agents of our suppression move silently. They act silently. Their actions themselves create silence. The most-potent of all censorship is that which acts through stealth—by creating nothing where there once was something, leaving no evidence of what was deleted, why, by whom, or whether anything even was there in the first place.

When we ourselves fall silent, self-censoring, that is when their victory is complete.

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