Alfred & Monika Schaefer on Red Ice Radio

Published: 2016-10-04

Monika Schaefer is a National Park Warden, professional violinist, and life-long environmental activist. She was formerly involved with The Green Party of Canada and was a candidate in four elections. Monika has been an active community member in her small town of Jasper, not only as an activist but also as a musician, donating her music on countless occasions. After making a video challenging the official Holocaust narrative, Monika found herself the victim of ritual defamation, a process through which an individual is subjected to intense social pressure and stigmatization.

Alfred Schaefer is a German producer with several YouTube videos aimed at exposing the brainwashing, lies and control words that are used to subject entire populations to the Zionist agenda. His video, “Brainwashing: 9/11 & the Holohoax,” outlines how the Jewish Western elite have managed to perpetrate a massive deception through manipulation of the mainstream media and political leaders. 

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