A Correction to My Article "Tree-felling at Treblinka"

Published: 2009-08-31

In the recent Fall issue of the journal Inconvenient History, I have published a longer article on certain statements of Treblinka eyewitness Richard Glazar and what these imply for the allegation that more than 800,000 corpses were incinerated on open air pyres in this "extermination camp". In its second paragraph I quoted the following passage from the English language translation of Jürgen Graf and Carlo Mattogno's study on the camp: 

...according to Richard Glazar, 25 inmates were the only ones in Treblinka who were able to leave the camp, to work in the forests, to do real hard work, and to supply the camp with its needs of wood. If there ever was a massive need for firewood in Treblinka to cremate corpses, covered by inmates sent into the forests to fell trees, these activities would have yielded millions of branches, which would have rendered the tree-climbing activities of the camouflage unit obsolete. But apparently Glazar opines that no such treefelling occurred during his time in the camp.

In my article I identify Jürgen Graf as the author of the passage in question. I also make the comment that Mr. Graf "unfortunately (...) failed to notice a later passage in Glazar’s book in which the witness describes treefelling with the purpose of gathering fuel for the cremation of corpses". However, after publication Mr. Graf has notified me by e-mail that he did not write this passage, and that it must have been inserted by the editor or the proofreader without his knowledge. Indeed, a quick look at the German original - which I prematurely assumed to be identical in content to the English translation - reveals that the passage quoted by me is nowhere to be found. Thus nothing went unfortunately unnoticed by Mr. Graf!

- Thomas Kues

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