The Textbook Holocaust
Published: 2018-02-12

Holocaust revisionism has graduated to become the subject of what is obviously a college textbook, “edited” by no less than 18 contributors, including eight academics at universities in the UK, three in Germany and one each in France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Kenya, plus a lawyer in Ireland and one court officer each in Yugoslavia and Cambodia. A lot of snouts in this trough, to be sure!

And it is a trough. At a price of $123 per copy, there’s something for everybody and enough left over for the publisher to actually produce the book at a handsome profit. Panagiotis Heliotis reviewed this noble treatise for us at Inconvenient History and expressed such wonderment at its price that I’m forced to conclude that the infamous textbook racket has not yet penetrated the academy of Greece, our reviewer’s home turf.

Good. Greece has enough rackets to contend with, without this one. But the racket afflicts the UK, France, Germany, the Netherlands, possibly Ireland, like as not Hungary and, who knows, maybe Kenya and Cambodia, too, or soon will. And one more little country, the United States. As to the racket in the US, Professor Henry Farrell of George Washington University had this report to make in the Washington Post a few years ago. Many, many reports of similar import can easily be found with Internet search engines. It’s really one of these ugly, open secrets.

Sort of like the Holocaust, although as yet the ugly truth has not yet been permitted to be open. This may take some time, though Heliotis and I, and growing numbers of others, are working hard to make it happen. With reference to its (now-obvious-as) academic price, he asked rhetorically, “Do they even want anyone to read it?” Well, they certainly don’t want anyone to read it critically (as Heliotis did, to our lasting benefit); that would expose them all as the charlatans they are, garbed as most of them are in academic robes, barrister’s wigs, or other trappings serving to secure respect, if not credence, from the many witless among us. Far more than reading it, they want us, and their hapless students, to pay for it. Actual reading, so long as it is conducted with suitable gullibility, is invited for the so-qualified. As for the understandings and viewpoints conveyed therein, these should serve the imbibers quite well in social, professional and political settings, and might even promote concordance between the victim and the intellectual environment we all suffer in today.

But, as Heliotis details, they’re wrong. They’re false. They’re distorted, mendacious, egregiously partisan in all the ways that the conventional wisdom of the past 73 years has dictated. Anyone interested in learning the many and subtle truths of the matter should run—not walk, run—from balderdash such as is revealed to besmirch the pages of this eminent screed. Not that they might not profit in their pursuit of the truth or, just as important, flight from insidious lies, from inspecting the malignant pages, but such an adventurer would do well first to arm herself with the facts that irredeemably debunk the message of this text.

Ironically, the truth in these matters is … free. If the other side commands a princely tribute for their sacred text and its opposition gives its material away free for nothing, how could a dispassionate observer lend credence to the free stuff instead of to the expensive? Well, that’s not a fair question, but it accords with gross appearances, so I’ll address it. It was Thomas Kuhn in 1962 who first listed for us the stages that a fundamental shift in scientific (this is science, ultimately, the vociferous protests of our opponents notwithstanding) understanding undergoes in his canonical book The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. As he delineated for us all to know thereafter, (valid) disruptive scientific findings go through three stages:

  1. The findings at first are ignored or, if it is impossible to ignore or “bury” them, they are ridiculed, with their proponents’ ignorance and lack of professional certifications prominently noted.
  2. If that fails, then the findings are denied, opposed, denigrated and pronounced undeserving of serious consideration by genuine authorities, with their proponents being branded with all manner of defamations of motive and character.
  3. The findings are adopted (without credit to their author) with the implication that they were obvious all along.

With this book, perhaps revisionism, or at least the permissibility of it, might be making the transition, albeit under prejudice, from Stage 1 to Stage 2. It’s hard to make money between Stages 1 and 2 unless you’re on the defensive team. That advantage shifts, if it ever does, only in the transition from Stage 2 to Stage 3, a development that has eluded us revisionists for decades, and looks to do so, sorry to say, for decades to come.

But we’re not in it for the money, at least those of us who aren’t blithering idiots. The money in that transition, if and as it comes, usually goes not to the true pioneers, but to the Johnny-come-latelys, the opportunists, the promoters, the ones who manage to convince observers that they (the observers) saw the (new) truth of this matter long before it became common knowledge.

But no paradigm has shifted here, not by a long shot. In the meantime, we’ve got these professional scholars and their hangers-on producing a textbook that at least ten or so academics might cajole their hapless (but government-funded) students into buying. And, at its lofty price, it happens to be full of lies, but no matter—the lies are fashionable today. What we have here is the intersection of two rackets—the Holocaust racket and the textbook racket.

The Holocaust has served many other rackets in the past, and continues to do so today, to the detriment of all of us. It served the Allied lust after World War II to hang “Nazi war criminals” while ruthlessly subjugating the entire German nation. It served, and continues to serve, Zionists in their obscene goal to conquer, occupy and Judaify all of the Middle East (morgen die Welt?). It has served those seeking, with much success, to financially plunder the productive (surviving) citizens of Germany (and Austria, and even Switzerland) for the wealth they create to the benefit of the entire world around them.

And it serves to enrich Paul Behrens, Nicholas Terry, and Olaf Jensen and fifteen others with (mostly) our tax dollars, for a giant pack of lies.


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