A brief note on Father Patrick Desbois

Published: 2009-05-18

In the most recent issue (#161) of the revisionist newsletter Smith's Report (available online at http://www.codoh.com/newsite/sr/online/sr_161.pdf), Stephen Gallant comments on a lecture held in New York by Father Patrick Desbois, the author of Holocaust by Bullets, a book praised by Elie Wiesel and other Shoah potentates. Desbois, a French catholic priest, has spent several years travelling the Ukrainian countryside searching for mass graves containing Jewish victims shot by the Einsatzgruppen and other German units. As Gallant notes, Desbois' methodology is modelled on a classic exterminationist pattern, where eyewitnesses are taken on their word, however absurd their statements (like the yarn about a hand reaching up from a seven day old mass grave to grab the shovel of the witness), locations of mass graves are "identified" based on said eyewitness testimony, documentary evidence submitted by the Soviets taken as gospel truth, and no attempt whatsoever is made to actually determine the amount of buried human remains, their identity or the origin of the grave.

Of course, where no real evidence can be found, one can always blame the perfectionist evidence destroyers of Sonderkommando 1005 who, with the Red Army and surviving partisans in their back, managed to obliterate the traces of German mass murder at hundreds, or even thousands, more or less obscure sites all over western Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, thus inadvertently providing Fr. Desbois and his likes with the strongest, most impenetrable sort of proof: the tell-tale lack of evidence.      

In a similar fashion, Desbois relies on the so-called Ereignismeldungen (operational reports), taking it for granted that the Einsatzgruppen dutifully reported the number of killed Jews to Berlin, while in cases where no "documentary evidence" can be mustered, he resorts to the rather pagan method of tea-leaf reading. In a typical example of exterminationist double-think, we are to believe that in some cases the Einsatzgruppen leaders reported the exact number of executed Jews (sometimes even with nifty little illustrations of coffins - on formal reports!), while in other cases they took pains to encode reports on mass shootings as "innocent daily meteorological forecasts", wherein "the number of clouds stood for the number of graves and the amount of rain indicated the number of victims"! Did it occur to Desbois to check if the contents of those "encoded" messages corresponds to the actual weather at that time and place? Or, if there is such a correspondence, are we perhaps to take it that the number of shot depended on the weather? Were Jews saved by sunny days?  

If Fr. Desbois has demonstrated anything, it's the exterminationist camp's awkward tendency to shoot itself in the foot. Holocaust by Bullets is a juicy bone thrown to the revisionists. Now we are only waiting for Steven Spielberg to finish his ever-delayed documentary on Babi Yar.

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