A Case Study of Holocaust Revisionism and the Mass Media

Published: 2003-08-01

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The Plain Dealer (Cleveland), Ohio's largest newspaper and one of the 20 largest in the country, typifies many big city newspapers in the United States-Jewish owned, pro-Zionist, and it aggressively promotes the traditional view of the Holocaust and a distorted image of Holocaust revisionism.[1]

In a recent issue there was an editorial attack upon myself and the Holocaust revisionist movement in general.[2] The article's author, Elizabeth Sullivan, is The Plain Dealer's foreign-affairs columnist and an associate editor of the editorial pages. Although my name was not mentioned, she was clearly referring to me. Let it suffice to say that the manner in which she deals with Holocaust revisionism typifies how the mass media in general deals with the subject.

Since 2000 I have carried on an on-going email exchange with her about political Zionism, war crimes trials, and the problems in the Middle East. The best way to deal with her claims about Holocaust revisionism is simply to list them along with my rebuttal. To ensure fairness, Sullivan was allowed to view many of the following rebuttals prior to publication, and if need be, correct any possible errors. Not surprisingly, she did not respond.

Sullivan begins the essay with the claim that Holocaust revisionists "deny that they deny." In other words, we allegedly refuse to even admit that we deny the "reality of the Holocaust." Nothing could be further from the truth. Holocaust revisionists simply reject those aspects of the traditional view of the Holocaust that are demonstrably false, such as the existence of homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz.

She then quotes from an essay of mine that appeared in the online edition of the Oregon Daily Emerald, the University of Oregon's student newspaper:[3]

"Holocaust revisionists do not deny that atrocities were committed against Jews during WWII. However, they contend there was no Nazi plan to exterminate world Jewry, the 'Final Solution' being no more no less than their expulsion from Europe. The Nazis did incarcerate Jews in concentration camps, but there were no 'gas chambers' for mass murder in them. And finally, the claim of 6,000,000 murdered Jews is an irresponsible exaggeration, as the number killed was far less."

It is most interesting to note how Sullivan selectively quoted from my essay, and omitted to inform her readers of one of the most powerful pieces of scientific evidence that supports the Holocaust revisionist position-The Rudolf Report. Written by the German chemistry expert Germar Rudolf who was supposed to receive his Ph.D. from the prestigious Max-Planck-Institute for Solid State Research in Stuttgart, Germany, it is a forensic report on the chemical and technical aspects of the alleged "gas chambers" of Auschwitz, and it quite persuasively demonstrates that these homicidal devices never existed.[4] I believe that Sullivan failed to inform her readers of The Rudolf Report because she denies the fact that there is hard scientific evidence that undermines her traditional view of the Holocaust, and she does not want her readers to know this. Thus, I believe that the charge of denial hurls right back into her face.

Sullivan continues:

"I no longer answer this man's e-mail. His extremism seems unbridgeable by reason or words."

This is false and defamatory and I think she knows it. It is a matter of public record that Paul Grubach condemned things like National Socialist extremism. You can read my article about this at http://www.codoh.com/node/374. As a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, I believe in working legally and peacefully within the American political system to attain my ends. I am not now, nor was I ever, a member of any extremist political organization (i.e., any organization that advocates the violent overthrow of the government or illegal violence against any identifiable group). As an intellectual and scholar, I believe that controversial issues should be settled by peaceful debate. As one who is trained in the scientific method, I am more than willing to listen to the voice of reason and scientific method. If you can falsify my Holocaust revisionist beliefs with facts and evidence, I will be more than willing to give them up.

As one can see from this, there is nothing "extremist" about me. The reason that Sullivan resorted to the false canard that 'Grubach is an extremist' is because she is intellectually impotent and psychologically insecure. She cannot refute my arguments, so she resorts to fallacious ad hominem attacks in an attempt to 'discredit the message by defaming the messenger.' According to two experts on political extremism, a characteristic of a real extremist is that he or she indulges in irresponsible accusations and character assassination.[5] Thus, the label of "extremist" may very well apply to Elizabeth Sullivan.

Since the beginning of our correspondence, I have refuted some of her beliefs and exposed her hypocritical double standards over the internet. In one article I exposed her hypocritical double standard in regard to 'war crimes' trials. She was publicly in favor of another trial for accused 'Nazi war criminal' John Demjanjuk, but she refused to publicly advocate war crimes trials for Jews that committed war crimes against Germans.[6] In the fall of 2002, she tried to convince me that Jewish-Zionist forces were not trying to push the United States in a war with Iraq. Again, I publicly exposed the falsity of her beliefs, as Jewish-Zionist forces were indeed one of the forces pushing for war with Iraq.[7] In short, I suspect she is angry and embarrassed that I refuted her beliefs and exposed her questionable journalism.

Elizabeth Sullivan continues:

"Like a gnat, though, he keeps disturbing me with his messages of hate and his denial of history. It even seems that his messages have become more frequent and more imperious of late, as though it's once again OK to be open about anti-Jewish feelings."

Sullivan, a journalist with a large readership, has written extensively about the U.S.-Iraq war, the Arab-Zionist conflict, Middle Eastern issues, at least one article about the Demjanjuk 'Nazi war crimes' trial, and now Holocaust revisionism. Since this is also my beat, it is only logical that I should attempt to correct her false beliefs and hypocritical double standards in the hope that she transmits these corrections to her numerous readers. I believe that Sullivan is secretly afraid that I am exposing her false beliefs and double standards, and thus, lessening her professional stature.

In addition, she is clearly accusing me of harboring an "anti-Semitic hatred of Jews." The charge of "anti-Semitism" is the last refuge of a scoundrel-an ideological weapon used by the Jewish power elite and their gentile allies like Elizabeth Sullivan to silence all rational criticism of Jewish behavior and power. To call a spade a spade, the charge of "anti-Semitism" in the hands of a Jewish-owned, pro-Zionist newspaper is a method of waging intellectual terrorism. By employing this ideological weapon, they can strike fear in the minds of the readership, and decrease the odds that anyone will dare speak out against the lies and exaggerations in the Holocaust legend.

Furthermore, she confuses "hatred of Jews" with moral outrage directed against the negative and dark side of Jewish influence. I don't hate Jews-but I do in fact feel a sense of moral outrage about the wrongs that certain Jewish groups commit.

If Sullivan wants to complain about messages of hate, she should condemn the open message of hate of one of the primary promoters of her traditional view of the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel. This hateful Holocaust guru wrote:[8]

"Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set aside a zone of hate-healthy, virile hate-for what the German personifies and for what persists in the German. To do otherwise would be a betrayal of the dead."

But she would not dare criticize Wiesel, for if she did condemn Holocaust promoter Wiesel for his message of hate, her career in journalism would be in serious jeopardy.

Sullivan continues:

"Too many people in the world still believe in a Jewish conspiracy-and still deny that the Holocaust was what it was."

Certain groups of Jews do in fact engage in conspiracies. Let me give three simple examples. In his private journals, Moshe Sharrett, one of the founding fathers of the state of Israel, revealed the conspiratorial activities of the Israeli cabinet during the years of 1953 and 1956. Acts of terrorism were planned, the purpose of which was to intimidate and demoralize Middle Eastern Arabs, and to create a climate of fury and adventurism among Israeli Jews.[9] The 'Lavon Affair' is another classic example of a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy. In 1954, the Modiin, an Israeli military intelligence organization, activated a ring of spies in Egypt. These agents carried out acts of sabotage against certain British and American installations in the hope that the British and Americans would think Arab radicals were responsible. This would have helped to turn America and Britain against Egypt. The saboteurs were eventually captured. This Israeli-Jewish conspiracy had a profound effect upon Middle Eastern politics.[10] Finally, as we shall see in a moment, during the founding years of Israel the Zionist military leadership consciously conspired to reduce the number of Arabs in the Jewish state to a minimum.

What proof does Sullivan offer that mass murders in 'gas chambers' took place in Auschwitz? She mentions the Auschwitz crematoria. They do not 'prove' that mass murders took place in 'gas chambers.' The crematoria were necessary to dispose of the bodies of inmates who died from typhus epidemics or other natural causes.

She then talks about the mountains of shoes, suitcases, eyeglasses, and artificial limbs of former Auschwitz inmates. In her own words:

"When Soviet troops got to the camp on Jan. 27, 1945, they found 7,000 emaciated souls, and warehouses crammed with the detritus of lives snuffed out, including 7 tons of hair already baled for sale. There were 836,255 women's outfits, according to USA TODAY, and 348,820 men's suits. There were 43,525 pairs of shoes. And that was just in the warehouses the Nazis hadn't burned."

Here she is saying that the Germans cut the inmates' hair, took their clothes, and then murdered them in 'gas chambers.' This is not so. Each inmate had his or her head shaved because of the lice problem, so of course there would be piles of hair. Since all inmates were issued a camp uniform, their civilian clothes were confiscated. Glasses, shoes and artificial limbs of the deceased were also confiscated. All of these things were then used for the German war effort. The clothes, shoes, hair, glasses and artificial limbs do not prove that mass murders in gas chambers took place in the camp. (There was a high death rate though from typhus epidemics.)

Don't misunderstand me. It was certainly wrong and evil for the National Socialists to incarcerate innocent Jews in concentration camps, and there is no doubt in my mind that many Jews and non-Jews did suffer horribly at Auschwitz. But it is also wrong for the Jewish-Zionist power elite and their gentile allies to promote false claims about the Jewish experience in those camps. Just because Jews and others suffered at Auschwitz, this gives them no license to promote falsehoods about their experiences in Auschwitz.

The Plain Dealer political pundit writes:

"About 1 million Jews died at the camp, along with tens of thousands of Gypsies, Poles, Germans and others. That one complex accounted for 10 percent of the victims of the Holocaust."

What Sullivan fails to point out is that at the end of WW II, Soviet officials 'authoritatively determined' that approximately 4,000,000 people were murdered at Auschwitz.[11] This figure was based upon the evidence of hundreds of surviving prisoners and the opinion of experts. Now we are told that figure is incorrect, and in 1990, the 'correct' number of deaths at Auschwitz was alleged to be about 1.1 million,[12] a figure which has subsequently been reduced by various scholars, to reach a new minimum of about half a million in spring of 2002.[13] This is no small revision, as the Soviets exaggerated the 'true' figure by four to eight times. But most importantly, Israeli historian Yehuda Bauer said in 1989 that it is time to finally acknowledge that the four million figure is a deliberate myth.[14] This shows that false evidence was used to 'prove' the traditional view of the Holocaust, and survivors and Holocaust experts can be wrong. Sullivan then points out that the Holocaust ideology was used by the Bush Administration to 'justify' the U.S. attack upon Iraq. Our Plain Dealer foreign affairs 'expert' quipped:

"The intended political message was to underscore the rightness of what America did in uprooting the evil Saddam Hussein in Iraq."

Sullivan's traditional view of the Holocaust is an 'ideology' in the Marxist sense of the term: a set of ideas and values, untrue in the main, that has the function of 'justifying' and 'legitimizing' some aspect of the sociopolitical order. At last count at least 3,240 Iraqi civilians were killed-the final death toll is sure to be significantly higher.[15] Bush invoked the Holocaust ideology in order to 'justify' and 'legitimize' the U.S.-Iraq war, and 'console' the masses about its negative consequences. After all, so the 'reasoning' goes: 'Yes, the U.S. attack upon Iraq resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocents, but the U.S. had to do it in order to prevent another Nazi-like Holocaust. We are just going to have to accept the deaths of thousands of Arabs in order to prevent a far greater evil.' What is ironic is that the Holocaust ideology is being used to 'justify' a war that Sullivan is on record as opposing!

In a direct, literal sense, the Holocaust doctrine has become a threat to human life, for it is an ideological weapon that 'justifies' war and ethnic cleansing. For this reason alone the Holocaust revisionist policy of subjecting it to intense scrutiny is wholly justified. If we Americans are going to send our soldiers off to kill and die on foreign soil, then we have the moral duty to publicly scrutinize all of those doctrines that are used to promote and 'justify' such actions. But I believe that neither Sullivan nor The Plain Dealer has the moral integrity to give Holocaust revisionism a fair and public hearing.

In Israel, Zionism created an Athenian democracy for Jews but second-class citizenship, even feudal servitude for non-Jews. Modern Israel is a racially segregated, apartheid state where Jews lord over non-Jews, especially Palestinian Arabs.[16] Indeed, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon virtually acknowledged that Israel is oppressing millions of Palestinian Arabs, as he stated:[17]

"It is not possible to continue holding three and a half million people under occupation."

Sullivan must be aware of this quote, because it appeared on the front page of The Plain Dealer and she is the newspaper's foreign-affairs editor.

As the Jewish scholars Ian Lustick and Uri Davis have shown, far from working for an integrated society in which Jews and Arabs functioned as social and political equals, the Jews who founded Israel created a society in which Israeli Jews dominate 'Israeli' Arabs, a separate and unequal society in which discrimination is part of the established social order.[16] For example, 93% of Israel's territory had been (until the Supreme Court decision of March 2000) legally defined as land that can be leased and cultivated only by Jews-Israeli citizens of Arab descent need not apply. Key institutions such as the kibbutz (collectivist Jewish settlements, mainly agricultural) are reserved exclusively for Jews (Israel's Arab citizen's are excluded), as Israeli scholar Uri Davis has reminded us in his thorough study, Israel: An Apartheid State.[18]

Dr. Lustick has pointed out that the Israeli military is by and large a segregated institution. Most Muslim Arabs, who constitute the overwhelming majority of Israeli Arab citizens, do not serve in the armed forces-they are not conscripted nor are they permitted to volunteer for service. This has important social consequences. In Israel, participation in the armed services is a prerequisite to social advancement and mobility. Cut off from the military, they are cut off from access to one of the main avenues of social advancement.[19]

Christians and Muslims cannot marry Jews in Israel, and if they are married elsewhere the marriage is not recognized by the rabbinical court in Israel.[20]

Consider the following facts about Israel, which by contemporary definitions of 'racism', make Israel a racist state. The Law of the Right of Return grants any Jew, but no-one else, automatic Israeli citizenship. The Nationality Law discriminates against non-Jews so stringently that many Palestinian residents of Israel (stuck there when Israel captured their land in 1948) were denied citizenship even though their families had lived in Palestine for many generations.[21] As the late Israeli scholar Simha Flapan pointed out, the founders of Israel wanted to create an ethnically homogenous Jewish state that excluded as many native Arabs as possible. In his own words:[22]

"[...] they [the Zionist leadership] accepted Ben-Gurion's view that the state of Israel should be demographically homogenous and geographically as extensive as possible."

Flapan added that overwhelming circumstantial evidence strongly suggests that the Zionist military leadership, during the founding years of Israel, planned "to reduce the number of Arabs in the Jewish state to a minimum, and to make use of most of their lands, properties, and habitats to absorb the masses of Jewish immigrants."[23] Ethnic cleansing, Zionist style.

Another Israeli scholar, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, who teaches at Haifa University, made perfectly clear the plight of Palestinian Arabs who are under the yoke of Jewish-Zionism. The moment a Jew from anywhere in the world gets off the plane in Israel, he already has "more rights than a non-Jew who had the misfortune to be born there. Under the Israeli system of government, a Mr. Cohen from Brooklyn (provided he can qualify as 'Jewish') has more rights than any Palestinian native the moment he steps off the plane at Ben-Gurion airport in Tel-Aviv."[24] He added: "Arabs are not just inferior natives, they are foreigners in their homeland."[24]

The pious Sullivan then engages in some oft-repeated political moralizing:

"It feels right that Bush chose to start his trip with a stop at Auschwitz-Birkenau, not just as a warning of what evil unchecked can do but also to underscore America's commitment to the security of Israel."

This is ironic and hypocritical. Our mass media (inclusive of The Plain Dealer) and U.S. government most vigorously condemn those who advocate or practice segregation, ethnic cleansing and racial oppression here in the US or anywhere else in the world. Yet, Bush employs the Holocaust ideology to 'justify' and 'legitimize' our commitment to an ethnically segregated, apartheid state where racial discrimination is enshrined in the social order, the ethnic cleansing of the native inhabitants is an ongoing practice, and Jews dominate and oppress millions of Palestinian Arabs. Certainly, this is a tribute to how the Jewish-Zionist power elite and their gentile allies have corrupted our value system with the promotion of their Holocaust ideology.

Political columnist Sullivan is wrong, as there is nothing 'extremist' about the Holocaust revisionism that I presented here. "Revisionism-a key to peace," so proclaimed a founder of historical revisionism, the late Professor Harry Elmer Barnes. If we are ever going to attain peace in the Middle East and justice for the Palestinian people, we are going to have to rid ourselves of this veil of illusions, the traditional view of the Holocaust. And in the end, I believe the revisionist view of the Holocaust will also help the Jewish people, for it will help free them from the paranoid delusion of the Auschwitz 'gas chambers' and enable them to live in peace with their Arab neighbors.

Holocaust revisionism, now more than ever!


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