A Documentary of the 1985 Zündel Trial

An Obituary to Douglas Christie, 1946-2013
Published: 2013-03-13

Doug Christie was a veritable star in various Canadian court venues – the likes of which the Lobby that plagues us all with all their lies piled up on lies and yet more lies had never yet encountered.

Doug Christie was young, brilliant, fearless, smashingly handsome, determined, exceedingly quick on his feet – conventional descriptions will not do him justice. He was in a league by himself. His adversaries – in the courts, and in the streets? I’ll let you be the judge.

Somebody called Doug Christie “Ernst Zundel’s Battling Barrister” – the moniker fit, and it stuck. Seven times he took the Zündel Case alone to the Supreme Court of Canada – I have been told, more often than any other Canadian lawyer with any other case before him or since. He was a class act, both feared and admired by many.

Two weeks ago, Doug Christie passed on. Ernst Zündel is still being held as a free speech hostage by political hacks who run the country of his birth right down into the ground. Whole governments world-wide now know that the so-called “Holocaust” is a political weapon of mass deception in terms of holding huge nations in hock. Long story I won’t repeat here.

I took three days to stitch together from faded movie clips the essence of what “Holocaust Denial” is really all about – and who the actors were, and are, in a drama of near cosmic dimensions. If you are ignorantly vomiting the media hype right back into the arena about the “gassings” of “six million”, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself at least at kindergarten level. If you already know, as many do - as millions all around the globe now know! - that “Auschwitz” was a false flag operation before that term was even coined, I honestly believe you won’t forget the raw emotions in this short documentary that powered both sides of the battle.

This morning, I give you Act I. Doug was an intellectual warrior of true grit as well as warmth you seldom find in the legal profession. He was despised and demonized by many, as was and still is his ill-reputed client. Their battle took decades – and isn’t yet done. On good days it simply rained media spitballs. On bad days it was wall-to-wall, blood-curdling death threats and worse – not just against them, but those who supported the battle of constitutionally guaranteed Freedom of Speech.

Today I give you Doug Christie, in life and in death. You will also meet beautiful Keltie, law researcher and comrade extraordinaire, Doug’s partner of 32 years and mother of his children. You will meet a much younger Ernst Zündel, the tireless street action populist – by now a world-wide icon of the Movement, prevented from joining his wife. You will get a glimpse of three or four dozen of Zündel supporters, simple folks like you and I. You will also meet a howling, shrieking mob of Zündel detractors whose behavior speaks for themselves. In this Shakespearean play, there is your corrupt judge. Your hateful prosecutor who does a hatchet job. And, finally, some glimpses of the moral essence of what really powers today’s premier Thought Criminal – contrary to what you may read in the paper.

I ask for 40 minutes of your time to watch this documentary from beginning to the end. It’s grainy, homespun video – yet extraordinary history. I promise you will laugh, and you will cry. I ask you pass it on.

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Author(s): Ingrid Rimland
Title: A Documentary of the 1985 Zündel Trial, An Obituary to Douglas Christie, 1946-2013
Published: 2013-03-13
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